I.R.S – In Recognition of Swag

No one on the corner has swagga like Clyde

I have questions.

I learned today though, that asking perhaps might not be in my best interest.

You’ve heard the story of the day Clyde came home from school with 17 $1.00.

One day walking home from the bodega Clyde pulled 17 singles from his pocket.  Like he was supposed to have it.  Like it was normal for a kid with no allowance, no job, and no source of income to have money.

No one was able to explain where the money came from. No one saw him pick up any money – he was never alone during the day – yet still he came home $17 richer.

Then there was the day that he came home with $65 in play money.  No big deal it’s fake money right?  Only once more no one would or could explain HOW the kid got his hands on the money.

He came in and laid it on the table like it would be useful for something other than turning my hair gray as I attempted to figure out how he was doing this.

This morning when the school bus failed to arrive to take him to school I cursed under my breath as I prepared to take him out of the house myself.

On the days that this happens, Clyde is usually irate.  He likes school, but he also likes his routine.  No school bus – no school and when mommy flips the script and takes him anyhow there is often resistance.

There is screaming and stomping of feet and crying… sometimes even from Clyde.

Today though when Clyde saw me prepare for our trip to school he was smiling. I jokingly asked him if it was collection day.  His response was a side eye.  We got to school and he happily gave me a kiss and walked into his classroom.

His bus was late this afternoon, and when he finally arrived we went out to run the errands that needed handling.  I smiled at my son as we got into the car and in jest asked him if I could borrow $5.

His response was to reach into his pocket and pull out a $5 bill.  He gave me a head nod and buckled his seat belt.

Today I didn’t bother making the phone calls to ask anyone if they had an explanation I already knew that none would present itself.  I’ve been here before.

I took the five and got my industrious boy some french fries.

I still have questions though….

Like should I ask him for the mortgage money next month?


Aphrodite Brown

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