I’ve  attempted over the years to use Vizionz as a tool for good not evil.  I debated if I should use this forum for this issue, and well, we see which side won.

I have only used this forum once before to put a personal issue to bed.  This is the second time, and I pray the last.

I want this forum to educate and generate conversation.  I realized that this conversation is just as important as anything else I ramble about here, perhaps even more important.  In my kinky time over on Fetlife, I’ve been speaking a great deal about the importance of policing our community, for lack of a better word at the moment.  It goes beyond the simple and transforms into the complex.

These conversations happen in cycles, where one (or more) incidences of questionable or abusive behavior starts and it creates the opportunity for us – the community – to dialogue about the specific issue and the general problem.  Sometimes those discussions are fruitful, at other times not so much. I think that the conversation is important, even if we don’t always come to a solution within it.   Talking about it brings it out of the shadows, into the light, and gives us more information.  Information is power.

This specific series will examine one instance of behavior that should serve as a cautionary tale.  I’m not here to order those who visit to behave in the manner I see appropriate, I am here to share.

Not sharing this does more harm to a community already fractured.  The urban legend is that to every story there are three sides – his, hers & the truth.  I do not agree.  There is only 1 story, the TRUTH, and the versions we tell of that story are our perceptions of it, the TRUTH. Our perceptions are tainted by our experiences, which is why at times it is important for others to tell our story.  The storyteller can share the tale without the personal investment of having lived through the good and the bad.  There can be a level of objectivity to the story, when it is not coming directly from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

The problem that then happens is the story teller will share the tale, colored with his or her own vizion.  Few are able to separate themselves from the story, myself included.  I claim no exception to this rule of imperfection.

I will say though, that I will do my very best, to share this story in the most objective and factual way possible.  There will be moments that I fail in that goal.  Full disclosure, I do not like the man involved.  My dislike for him aside, the story still needs to be told, so I will tell it, in installations, and swallow as much of my bias as possible so that you may see the truth in the tale.

My final statement about the story is this:

I believe in free speech.  This story goes here because my free speech is limited on that other forum.  This forum contains no such limitations, not even on those who wish to express their dissent.  Although the comments to this blog are moderated, and moderated by me, if someone has a dissenting view I will publish it.  You have my word on that.  That includes even name at the head of this category… Hafez.


Aphrodite Brown

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  1. Saki says:

    Well go on and get the story started!

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