Mi Familia

Even though my romantic relationship is over with The Man……I am still a lucky girl.



I realized many moons ago that monogamy was not for me.  I rarely pull my play with others card, but I like to know that it is there.

A funny thing happened this summer though… I fell in love.

It is not something I expected, but it is something I am thankful for, in a world where I have thanks in abundance for the fortune the universe has given me.

I have a male best friend.  I will call him Mr. B.  We met online years ago, and our first conversations were terse.  He hit me up in 2008 when Barry was running against Hillary.  He was confounded that was not on the Obama bandwagon.  I was baffled that he thought it was any of his business and that he was backing the dude.

Somehow over time though, we found our way back to each other’s profiles and we found that we were certainly more similar than different. Messages turned to text, text turned to phone and today I really can’t go a day without talking to my friend.

In the past 2 years we’ve shared more than some folks who call themselves in a relationship with one another.  He’s been unconditional in his love and support of me and I him.  I love him like a big brother,  in a West Virginia kind of way, even though we’ve never been physically intimate with one another.

Mr. B met… I will call her Miss A.

Well I met her first, but the chemistry between them was unmistakable.  It was one weekend in Maryland at Caligula…er um I mean Weekend Reunion.  The stress we both went under to GET there was beyond, but once there we BOTH found our happy.  For me it came in tiny shorts, a leopard bikini, and asking strangers for candy.  For him it came with Miss A.

Some people are just so wonderful that being in the room with them infects you with the wonderful.  Miss A is one of those people.  Her smile lights up her whole body, you can even see her toes grinning.  She’s got the most buttery southern accent and she is brilliant.

She is someone I would like even if there were no Mr. B, except somehow….Mr. B and Miss A found out…. they are good together.  I found my best friend happy, at a time he needed that happiness, and I found my female counterpart.  There are not a lot of people who get me, but she did right away, and she loved me for it.

I know weird right?

Except as time went on I realized that Miss A and I were separated at birth or something because she was like my twin.  She’s the good twin though all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Other than her odd attachment to a team in the SEC that is not Alabama, she is pretty fucking perfect, and I found myself with another friend.  I adore her, and I adore her more because she makes someone else that I love smile.  We are winning all around.

I didn’t expect the three of us to become close.  I figured that she would be the girl of my guy and we would all play Uno or something.  I didn’t expect that I would think of them as my family.  Yet with them in my life now, I can’t imagine what life would be like without them… and I pray that I never have to find out.

He’s my brother and she is my sister… in a West Virginia kind of way …and our kinky, incestuous family works. Somehow my ass ended up in a kind of poly family.

Neither of them can be my primary partner but both of them are a package deal.  Whoever takes me on just like Bonnie & Clyde has to take them as well.

I have to admit it was a little strange at first.  I love them both and as their mutual friend it was a little … weird.  I think of them both individually sexually … sort of.  Except I don’t at the same time.  There is love and lust and respect and passion, but in those first weeks it was really awkward for me listening to the two of them gush about each other.  The intimate sex lives of my friends I tend to let them keep to themselves, but with these two I was getting it in stereo.

As the three of us evolved though, it turned into the most natural of things in the world.  Even educated fleas do it right?

There was another obstacle though, hierarchy.  Sure we all love each other, but in our world, there are leaders and followers, and rules.  The three of us together fucks up the rules though.  How would we work it out?  Separately we had defined roles







together … what were we?  I mean I am still healing from my separation from The Man, they are clearly doing D/s, I don’t submit to him, she doesn’t submit to me how the FUCK would we work this out?

Except, like with all things meant to be… we did, and we are, and it is beautiful.

I belong to them, and they belong to me… we are family.


What can I say?  I am a fortunate girl.



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