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It’s been an interesting year.   I’ve had a near death experience.  I’ve experienced the highest of emotional highs.  I’ve been pretty low emotionally. I became the mother of a teenager.  I became a member of a family that I didn’t know I needed until they came into my life. Few of us are fortunate to live a full range of emotions, we travel from destination to destination consumed with the what ifs about the travel and not enjoying the scenery.  In 2013 I got to enjoy some of the scenery of life and it was both beautiful and vulgar. Instead of a where did my life go in 2013, and where do I want it to go in 2014, I am sharing 12 of my favorite entries.  One per month.  In an interesting turn of events, my progression of 2013 is evident in these choices.  I will allow you constant reader to determine if that progression is for the better or worse.

With Love,

Aphrodite Brown

January 2013 Roe is Me

We need to teach our sons that until they can carry a fetus for 40 weeks and push a head with a circumference of 50 centimeters out of a cervix dilated 10 centimeters that decisions about pregnancy need to live with those who do.

February 2013 Aphrodite Brown Has Arrived! 

Love & Sex Contributor to Everything Girls Love

March 2013 Subjective

The tweet was an attempt at a joke.  I can’t say that it was a very good joke, but it was obviously absurd, and obviously satire, and obviously untrue, which is why the person who sent the tweet did it.  You can not look at that face of innocence and find cunt.   She is sugar and spice and everything nice, so the idea that she could be a cunt or display cunt-like behavior is where the irony comes in, or would if people stopped being angry and started thinking.

April 2013 Ask Aphrodite – Homie? Lover? Friend?

 I recently ended a 2 year relationship and now my best friend has replaced me with my ex!!!! 

My boyfriend and I were together 2 years and the break up was kind of friendly. My best friend and I have known one another for 17 years, since 4th grade. Since the break up my best friend and my ex are close, closer even than when he and I were dating. They talk on the phone and go out to eat, and while she says there is nothing else going on, its like I’ve been replaced in HER life by HIM! 


Before he and I started dating I thought that she would be a good match for him, and while he and I were together I never got the feeling that they were cheating or creeping. Now that he and I are not together though it seems like they find each other so much more interesting and she is certainly doing things with him that we used to do together. 

I’m hurt that my friend is so close with him, and I am sad that he seems to be getting over me with someone I’ve called sister. I’m hurt that she is so comfortable spending time with him and doesn’t seem to care about my feelings. 

What do I do? How do I get my best friend away from my ex?

Signed, Hurt and Confused 

May 2013 We Without Sin

Ramsey seems humble and average. Sure he has a tooth missing but he’s not the only person in America with a missing tooth.  Sure he hair was a little unkempt during his first interviews, but I am sure had he known he would be liberating women held hostage for over a decade he would have worn a hat.

June 2013 Once in a Lifetime

There will be other experiences, but none that compare to this one.

It is what it is. No regrets although there will be tears.

July 2013 Life According to Wikipedia

I think I told you constant reader that I used to suck at dating.  I don’t think a lot of that has changed, and when you combine that with the fact that I haven’t had a date outside of my relationship for a good 5 years…….this could be epic.  Epic failure…epic success either or both but I think epic is the best word for it.

August 2013 Vulnerable

Buddhism was my second life saving experience.  My first was the pregnancy that delivered Clyde to this world.  I wouldn’t say I’ve played with it, but I can say honestly that I’ve not relied on it and lived it the way I know that I can, and should.

A mistake true, but not one that can’t be altered and corrected and learned from.

September 2013 Purgatory 

We’d tried so many times to get things right, we finally did, and then all of a sudden illness happened.  I likened myself to a heroine from a novel.  I would stay by his side and care for and love him unconditionally until I could no longer. He likened himself without me. He won.

I put up a tough fight though. For over a year I remained.  Some would have left sooner – some would still remain. I never got tired of the fight, I simply did what I always have done – I yielded to his will.

October 2013 Sacred 

My own fantasy has me reciting the Apostle’s creed and Hail Mary while being ass fucked with a rosary that has a dildo cross complete with the image of White Jesus on it.  I’m also getting peed on and a handful of other messy, disgusting, things that I won’t share here but might find their way in to an erotic story in the future.  Hey I am a little twisted, but you knew that already.

As far as my real life experience?  It was good.  I have no complaints.  I like my partner, and I like his non judgmental approach to getting me off. I also like to watch him get off but that is another story for another time.

November 2013 Triggers

It took almost 20 years for me to work up the courage to recount to my parents the incident that happened one rainy spring day.  That day still haunts my dreams at times and has in part affected my adult interactions with other men.  At 41 I still feel the guilt and shame.  At 41 I still feel the anger and frustration.  I still hold blame to myself, for the actions of another.  And well….I am never going to be the Governor of California let alone President of the United States.

When I was told to get over it though, I had to suck it up.  There was no other option.  The energy it would take to fight that fight would harm me even more than my actual violation.  Women shouldn’t have to make that decision. I should not have had to make that decision neither should Mellie that fictional First Lady we all love to hate.

We are not the only ones who have though, past – present and future.

December 2013 Even Ducks Deserve Freedom 

The backlash that comes from Papa Robertson’s comments does not equal a war on Christianity.  It is actually the expression of our freedom, that we should value first above all. That one person can say red, another can say blue, and we all go on about the business of our days. We should be celebrating this difference not attacking it. Yet, the “conservatives” of Fox and their like minded counterparts have taken this cause – and others – to inflame the hearts and minds of those who fear ….. freedom.

It’s a tool to remind us of our differences, destroy our similarities, and cause confusion.  We have to combat that. We have to rise above our human condition that invites us to hate what doesn’t look like us, sounds like us, and understand that being different doesn’t mean that we don’t equally have the right to exist.

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