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Black Friday Playlist

    One of the beautiful things about being me is that I am surrounded by love and humor.  The love comes from people who appreciate that I feed them.  The humor is to be found anyplace I choose to … Continue reading

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Civics Lesson

It’s no secret that my personal political leanings are about 8 miles to the left of Senator Elizabeth Warren.  I am liberal, and I am not ashamed to be liberal. My liberal leanings don’t prevent me from understanding history, understanding … Continue reading

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  The idea of the trigger warning is a polite habit new to the Internet.  It is a way to warn people who may visit your page that you might be touching on some shit that might make you feel … Continue reading

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‘Till Death

Most girls dream of their wedding day.  We teach our daughters that it is the day they can be a princess and it is their most important day ever in life, period. I was never one to but into all … Continue reading

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