I recently got to participate in one of my fantasies. The thing about fantasies is that you never quite know how you will react once you get to feel, touch and taste what you’ve perfected in your head.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” – UNCF

In my world a fantasy is a terrible thing to waste.  I’m living the fucking dream here.  I am free to be and do the things that I want with little to no consequence to those actions.  I have freedom.  With freedom comes responsibility though, and I have a responsibility to make sure that exercising my freedom doesn’t do harm to others.

For an extremely long time now I’ve wanted to explore some ‘darker’ things.  Stuff that even within my world of BDSM makes people uncomfortable.  While I am resistant to change, I welcome being made uncomfortable.  It’s how I know I am doing the right thing and on the right path.  The usual and mundane annoy me.   I want to be pushed and rode hard.

Being a non Christian, I don’t have the resistance to the exploration of sacrilege that others have.  I seek it out in my porn, and mock blind faith frequently.  I don’t believe that Jonah lived 3 days in the belly of the whale.  I don’t believe in the virgin birth.  The only King James I believe exists has a basketball in his hand and should have gone to college.

With that being said, some of these thoughts and opinions were crafted in my youth and have traveled with me into adulthood:

There’s little wonder looking back why this video appealed to me in the way it did.  There is sacrilege to spread and controversy to last generations here.

Madonna was – and still is – one of my heroes.  Sure it’s a lot to assign to a pop star, but in my formative years, she was a beacon of what could be, if I allowed myself to imagine. This woman with marginal talent clawed her way to legend status.  She was feminism when I was told feminism was dead.  She was bold when bold was frowned upon.  She was a genius at marketing and relevancy before Twitter could put your name into the mouths of millions in 140 characters.

I was the late 80s and Madonna managed to get herself a Papal scolding and was banned from performing in Italy.  How do you not call that heroic?

My own fantasy won’t ever air on MTV.  There will be no condemnation for me from Pope Francis.  When I daydream of being sealed air tight while wearing a nun’s habit, I will have to imagine the outrage the Vatican and the other good Christian folks of the world might have.

My own fantasy has me reciting the Apostle’s creed and Hail Mary while being ass fucked with a rosary that has a dildo cross complete with the image of White Jesus on it.  I’m also getting peed on and a handful of other messy, disgusting, things that I won’t share here but might find their way in to an erotic story in the future.  Hey I am a little twisted, but you knew that already.

As far as my real life experience?  It was good.  I have no complaints.  I like my partner, and I like his non judgmental approach to getting me off. I also like to watch him get off but that is another story for another time.

The day might be best summed up with something I ran across on Twitter:

Friend: “See if you can remember the Hail Mary with a dick in your ass.” Me: “I’m not catholic. That takes care of both problems.”

Yeah… it was a good day 🙂



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