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There must be something in the water because in the past week this topic has been repeated the most in my mail.

Do Dominant men eat pussy?  Do Dominant women suck dick?





The answer to those questions is: it depends.

There is no one universal answer that will apply to every situation.  Every person is different and every relationship is different. What I can share is if the person you are involved with says they don’t do it because it is not a ‘dominant’ act….they are full of shit.

Let’s look at it shall we?

The act of oral sex tends to leave the other party a whimpering, quivering mess.  If done to please the other person your goal is toe curling, and name calling, and god quoting, and more often than not orgasm.  What is more sexually dominant than taking your partner’s most sensitive body part into your mouth and manipulating it?

The person performing the act is in control of that act at that moment.  They control the tempo, voracity, and intimacy of the moment.  Regardless of if it is a penis in the mouth, or clit in the mouth, the mouth of the person doing the work is the most in control.  Even when you have a case of face fucking or queening [face sitting] – the mouth is still in control.  Think not? Let your partner have a bite and then tell me you are the person in control of the situation.

The bottom line is if your Dominant isn’t performing oral sex it is a personal choice and one you must decide if it is a deal breaker for you.  Some people can live without it. Others want it in the rotation, others still would say that they need it.

The thing about a Dominant, or the person who is supposed to be in control of the relationship is, they can do as they choose.  They pay the cost to be the boss and if that means they want to go downtown, they will.  Chances are not only will they, but they will be good at it.

So no they won’t all do it, but don’t let them feed you the line about it not being dominant.  It’s better for both of you if they say I don’t do it because I don’t want to.  THAT is a dominant expressing themselves… not hiding behind an excuse why they aren’t doing something.


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