Vizionz from the Bottom – The Novel – Excerpt Three

She settled into the moment.  Everything was just as she remembered, including the nine swords strategically located around the living room.  She stole a glance at David who was pecking away at the laptop. He was smiling. She preferred his smile to any other expression.


She closed her eyes and leaned back into the fabric, the smell of her surroundings calming and relaxing her. She was comfortable in his home, more than she felt she had the right to be, yet she was. Being nude helped. Vanessa thought back to the text she’d received that morning:

When you arrive you will disrobe at the front door. Take off all your clothing including your underwear. I want you to fold your clothes and then kneel. You will offer them to me, and when I accept them you may move about my home freely.

I understand – was her response.


In her memory of her morning she didn’t hear David close the laptop. When she opened her eyes he was staring directly at her his smile gone. Vanessa felt her face flush and went to tug at the collar of the dress she was no longer wearing.  David stood and walked towards the bedroom.

Breathe she told herself and she set her glass on a coaster and rose to follow him immediately. She stood at the door, waiting for permission to enter. She watched him move and marveled how no step seemed wasted. There was beauty in his movement. He moved like he wasn’t being watched, yet it was still a performance to Vanessa.

She was not ordered to enter; instead David walked to the door and took her left hand. He walked her to the bed and assisted her with the step. It was a king size on a platform and the step was necessary for her to access the bed.  Ironically the step was necessary for David as well.  At 5’9” he was taller than her but not nearly as tall as the place he slept.

The room was quiet with only the hum of the wall unit air conditioner to disrupt their presence.  Without words David positioned her as he wanted her.  Kneeling with her ass in the air.  She tried to anticipate this yet she found that he wanted her knees wider, her arms outstretched in front of her and her face down.  Vanessa’s body responded as her nipples brushed the sheets underneath her. A small sigh escaped her mouth before she realized it.

“I told you we would work it out.”


David’s hand connected with her ass and she lost her positioning. The force of the blow had her on her stomach, mouth agape, too stunned to say ouch.  She hurriedly tried to resume her position when the next blow came. Once more she was caught off guard unable to prepare, and she found herself scurrying away from him.  Bare handed spankings were one of her least favorite things.  He knew this and frankly didn’t give a damn.


She struggled to try to hold position and failed. David grabbed her by hair and continued.


By now Vanessa was on her stomach, but he still had a handful of her hair, pulling, forcing her back to arch and preventing her escape. SMACK She fought back tears, and choked a yell that took residence in her throat SMACK SMACK

He let her hair go, and she felt him straddle her. It was over as swiftly as it begun.  He lay on top of her and kissed her cheek.  Her tears were flowing freely now and she sobbed as quietly as she could.  David continued to kiss her gently, working his way down her back stopping at the place where her ass began to curve upwards. He began to slowly massage her cheeks and the warmth of his hands, generated by his hands, radiated through her ass, her thighs and she began to calm down.  Her sense of balance was off she did not know what to expect. She thought that he might return to spanking her when he got up and lay next to her.

When she summoned the courage to turn and look at him he was laying on his back, eyes closed, and the pattern of his breathing indicated he’d fallen asleep. Perplexed Vanessa wiped her eyes. What now? What did he expect her to do?

“I do not like to be kept waiting.”

“Yes Sir” was her response, barely a whisper.  She moved next to him and he wrapped his arm around her.  She settled into his embrace, and inhaled his scent. He smelled like home.

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