Why Paula Deen Is Not As Guilty as We Need Her to Be




As the news hits the internet that good ole gal Paula will not be getting a contract renewal, we should ask ourselves…….     what is her real crime?

66 year old Deen is famous for her southern charm, her southern recipes, and being an American success story.  Deen was born in southwest Georgia in 1946.  For my international readers southwest Georgia is the south, the deep south, that part of America where slavery was alive and well, and where Black men and women who are not native don’t walk the streets at night.

In 1946 in the United States, Harry Truman was President and there was no Civil Rights movement.  This is the world that Deen was born into.  This is the world she was raised in and learned in and became the Paula that Americans love.

Nigger is a part of her vocabulary just like any other word.  That is her reality.  That is how the people around her speak and spoke.  If you walk through Paula’s home town right now I would be willing to bet money that it is a commonplace occurrence.

Paula lamenting that the 2013 world she lives in now is so different than the 1950’s south she grew up in is… well… natural. Could it be that it was all so simple then?  For a White woman in America … yep.

Paula lamenting that this new world would not allow her to have a traditional southern wedding for her brother is not different from the Tea Party rallies we see on cable news with men and women marching to ‘take back our country’.  This is the plight of the White in 2013 America.

This is a whole new world where the Black man is in the White House  – where ‘Arabs’ are blowing up landmarks – and where the fear and terrorism, the poverty and insecurity that has been felt by Blacks since the middle passage has finally creeped into White America.

That’s some scary shit right there man.

Paula simply is the last one ‘caught’ reminiscing out loud about the good old days.  She is really just a product of her environment.


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