EGL Review June 14, 2013

The nose knows


Scent of Attraction – You might have picked your current partner based on your nose.  We are biologically attracted to people based off how they smell to us.  If your partner hops out of the shower and you can’t get enough of their scent you might have located one to keep.

Scent of Attraction

Tip of the Week – Sensory Deprivation

I am always the advocate for trying something new and keeping it fresh.  I share here 5 ways to deny/overload one sense so that the others have to kick into higher gear during your alone time.

Tip of the Week

Jason Collins

I didn’t do an extended blog when Collins came out, I have an outline done but I am still tweaking it. This was just a short observation about the positive aspects of his disclosure.  I cried when he did it though for what it is worth.

Behind the Closet Door

Hitting the Town

Located in Chelsea New York Paddles is Gotham’s oldest public dungeon. Aphrodite shares a couple of secrets and encourages you to visit… if you dare!

Paddles NYC

Tip of the Week – Massage Gloves

The waterproof Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Gloves are soft, nylon/lycra black gloves with powerful mini vibrators on the tip of each finger. These gloves were also a featured product here at Vizionz for the month of January 2013.

Tip of the Week


Aphrodite Brown



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