Weekend Reunion – BE THERE!!!

I want to invite you to a get-together.

I want you as my specially invited guest.

I’ve got the location – the hotel knows you are coming.

I’ve got a pool party, a pajama party, play space for some adult fun, and an after-hours spot where your naughtiest fantasies will be in living color.

It’s only going to cost you $25.00 dollars


I’ve spoken here before about my unique affection for the annual Black BEAT Conference.  There simply was no equivalent experience. In truth, there will never be, but the organizers decided that after 10 years of bringing kinky people of color together that they would take the year off. They’ve earned it for their hard work and I applaud their service to our kinky community. Since waiting 2 years was such an unattractive option some industrious women stepped up to give us a place holder.


Coffee, Goddess M, and Tee are our hosts for Weekend Reunion, and based on my interview with them… we are in beyond capable hands. The women bring to the table a collective 30+ years of BDSM lifestyle, and a unique skill set that will make Weekend Reunion unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


The concept of the reunion is found right in the title – it is a reunion for those who want to spend time in fellowship with other kinky people.  It is destined to be the largest gathering of kinky people of color you will see in one place this year.  Like a family reunion, all are welcome.  No matter your level of experience, your lifestyle title, your sexual orientation, your gender, your kink, your ethnicity – the doors are open for you.  Unlike a family reunion Uncle Leroy won’t be burning the chicken because he’s had too much corn liquor – your pajama party buffet will be catered.  There is a rumor that biscuits may even make an appearance.



The get-together starts Friday and goes right up until check out on Sunday. That’s three kintabulous days of activity for your money.


On Friday night there will be a meet and greet where you can pick up your wristband and hug (or molest) your kinky family.  There will be a play space available equipped with dungeon equipment where you can whip out your rope and floggers and get your impact play on to the DJ.  There will be lots of R & B and bass … a lot less of techno fluff with erratic beats. Even if you aren’t interested in playing you should stop by.  A dungeon overwhelmed by brown skin is a sight worth watching. There will be more than enough room to observe, your downstairs play space checks in at a whopping 1,500 sq. ft.


Saturday will deliver to you a pool party, the Wild Kingdom pajama party, and even educational opportunities.  No I don’t mean a dry workshop with hand outs and centuries old ice breakers.  They are called “Drop In Demos”.  Kinksters have volunteered their time and skill set to give our family intimate demonstrations of kinky skills.  There’s no need to register just walk on in.  There’s no need to remain if you find you are not tantalized….just walk on out. You can head over to the game room for spades, chess, or tonk.  You might want to peek in on the Little’s Playground where the Pretty Black Daughters will be giggling and licking all day suckers. That’s lollipops you perverts! Your time is yours to spend as you choose there is no commitment needed and no pressure exerted. I hear there will be a twerking contest though, so I would not wander too far off if I were you.


After midnight, we are gonna let it alllllll hang out on the party floor which is reserved for Weekend Reunion guests only.  Once security verifies you are a Weekend Reunion guest, you are free to do whatever your heart tells you and your partner consents to do.


There might not be sex in the champagne room, but there can be sex on the party floor. Don’t forget your condoms we advocate for safer sex here at Vizionz. There will also be dungeon equipment on the party floor for your use.


So are you ready to cash in your invitation yet? If so here are a few things you need to know:


  •     You must pay your $25 registration fee to attend.  There will be no payments at the door. There will be no payments accepted after Sunday, August 11.
  •    You must be a registered guest of the host hotel to attend. If you do not have a reserved room in the hotel you will not be admitted – no exceptions
  •   You must be age 21 or older before August 16 – no exceptions
  •   Your meals and incidentals are your own responsibility



Pack your bag; don’t forget your bathing suit, your floggers and your dental dams and condoms.

Put in your vacation request for August 16-18

Bring an open mind (intolerance is forbidden) and no doze


To register visit http://weekendreunion.com/



If you choose to register after visiting this website, send me proof of your registration. Email me a copy of your receipt to vizionzfromthebottom@gmail.com [Proof of registration must be dated AFTER June 1]  I will have a very special gift for you from the Vizionz from the Bottom store waiting for you at Friday’s meet and greet.

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