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It’s been a while since I’ve done an Everything Girls Love Recap so without further ado….


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April 19 – Online dating safety tips. When you meet someone in a traditional setting you take  precautions before you do things like invite them to your home.  Meeting people after weeks of interaction on social meeting sites like Twitter can give you a false sense of security about the stranger on the other side of the screen name. This blog gives a couple of tips to keep yourself safer. For other tips about being safe you can also check our Vizionz on Youtube category here and click on the safety series.

Safety First

April 25 – April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. This is a topic that I am passionate about. We live in a society that does not value women, that condones abuse against women, and does not teach our sons how to respect women.  It is not just an urban issue it is universal over all areas of humanity. Sexual Assault Awareness month is a time to raise awareness and educate.

Be Aware!

April 26 – Can long distance relationships work? I can’t promise you that yours will but I know that they can. I didn’t personally have success in my one effort at a long distance relationship, but in fairness it was a relationship that would not have worked out even if we lived in the same city.

Bridging the Distance

April 29 – Tantilizing Tip of the Week. I was asked by my editors to bring Aphrodite’s special vizion of life to EGL 3 times a week and I was happy to oblige. By sharing the tip of the week I hope to give readers a little something to make playtime a little more fun.  The first tip is the Lelo Lyla. I am a big advocate of using toys in the bedroom. I think that we over look toys in our exploration.  The Lyla is a favorite toy of mine. It is also available for purchase at Private Pleasures .

Tip of the Week

May 3 – Looking for the cure to HIV. Medical science is making incredible progress in both treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS.  This is somewhat astonishing to me because it is a disease that was born in my lifetime and indicators are that a cure could also come within my lifetime. Here at Vizionz we always advocate safer sex since there are other sexual boogey men out there besides HIV, but the news is still noteworthy.

Chasing the Cure

May 4 – The idea of a woman being taken care of is offensive to some.  There are some who think life as a sugar baby is demeaning and no better than prostitution. Others make the case that these are empowered women who simply use the tools available to them for advancement.  Where do you fall in your opinion?

Sugar Babys

May 7 – Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The tip of the week is adding some spice to your life via one of nature’s aphrodisiacs, the chili pepper.

Tip of the Week

May 10 – The Male Orgasm. Vizionz is about helping people hype up their love life. We talk to women, but we care about men as well. This blog shares four little known facts about the male orgasm. Fact number five: researchers estimate that at ejaculation sperm can travel as fast as 28 mph.

The More You Know


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