We Without Sin

We all have a past. There are those among us with a more colorful past than some, but we all have one. If we all have things associated with us that paint us in a less than favorable light then why are we so swift to judge?

This past week as the media displayed the story of three missing girls, America grew fascinated with one Charles Ramsey.



The animated description of a house of horrors from an unlikely hero set twitter afire, and the media scrambling for more story. They found it, in Mr. Ramsey’s past.

It turns out that Charles has a history of domestic violence.  He was arrested more than once, violated probation, and served time in prison for multiple altercations with his now former wife.

Let’s be clear, domestic violence is not a joke.  It is serious, in some cases it kills. There is no excuse for it.

Ramsey’s past doesn’t alter his present as a savior.  It makes it ironic, and is a testament to the human condition.  When desired the human condition can overcome almost any flaw. Even one as large as being a wife beater.

In his interviews Ramsey says he first thought that Amanda Berry was asking for help in a domestic dispute. See, ironic.

This man could have ignored her, he could have said it is none of my concern. Instead he helped. When he could not open the door, he helped her break it down. When she was outside with her child, he gave her shelter and called the police. A man who’s served prison time for abuse, saved someone being abused.  That is a beautiful thing.

Ramsey seems humble and average. Sure he has a tooth missing but he’s not the only person in America with a missing tooth.  Sure he hair was a little unkempt during his first interviews, but I am sure had he known he would be liberating women held hostage for over a decade he would have worn a hat.

This isn’t Chris Brown sulking and pouting and complaining that the world is out to get him.  This is a man who did something wrong, served time for it, and allowed himself to grow and change.  While Ramsey may have a past of questionable character, he displayed something completely different this past week.

We all have a past.  Ramsey seems to have learned from his.

We should all be so lucky.


Aphrodite Brown


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