EGL Review April 4, 2013

This week in the mini blog universe I got to talk about two issues that resonate with me:  polyamory and Sadomasochism.


I am not poly by nature.  I prefer the identification of non-monogamous.  I don’t allow sex to define my relationships, and I don’t allow a physical interaction to sabotage the life I’ve built with a partner.   There is so much more to a relationship than who sex happens with, and when you combine that with  monogamy being “abnormal” in the animal kingdom, forced monogamy is not logical to me.

I’ve been exploring the topic of non-monogamy for quite some time.  I think its important to my growth to concentrate on understanding why men and women choose monogamy and in some cases abstinence without issuing judgment.   I’m not quite there yet 🙂  I admit to struggling with reasons why sex is such a hang up to Americans.  I admit to thinking such a large part of our dysfunctional relationships and divorce rates are related to puritan sexual thoughts and beliefs.

I got a slightly “better” understanding though when I realized, even in a poly family, some of that repression exists.  It let’s me know there is more to it than people need to fuck…. although people really do need to fuck 🙂

You, Her and Her: The Practice of Polyamory


S&M explained takes more than 500 words.  It takes more than even the extensive writings of done here at Vizionz.  I’m comfortable though that my 3 tips on how to begin safely are a good start for the novice and the curious.

There are many ways to begin, many ways to scratch that ‘hurt me’ itch, but safety should always — ALWAYS — come first.  I address some safety practices on the YouTube channel [ Vizionz YouTube ] and there will be more to come.

Love Hurts? S&M Explained

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