EGL – Review – March 17, 2013

I’m really enjoying the opportunity to do the mini blogs for Everything Girls Love.  It’s certainly a growth experience and on the other end of the experience I am going to be a better writer and person.

The feedback has been great so far, and the challenge of writing for a different audience has me flexing muscles I did not know that I had.  As I told someone yesterday, I am feeling the responsibility that comes with this, and by now you know how I like to feel things.

Jump Into Bed…Feet First

A light piece that introduces the words podophilia and bastinado to the EGL audience 🙂

Got Rope?…Bondage That You Will Beg For

Due to space constraints I didn’t get into detail about shibari and kinbaku but I think I will expand on it a little more in a blog here this week.  Rope is absolutely on my list of favorite things and talking about it gets me all tingly.

You can click the links to take you directly to the mini blogs or check out the whole site at Everything Girls Love 

Jump into Bed got front page coverage this week, we are the first featured photo on the news slider.  Feet are apparently popular 🙂


My editor opted to not include the Usher video to accompany the Got Rope piece, but since I think the world needs more Usher here you are constant reader:




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