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This week @ Everything Girls Love I got the chance to talk about two issues that are important to me:  safer sex & alternative living.


Boys Will Be Boys….or Not ?!?!?!?

Boys will be Boys touches lightly on the existence and experience of our transgendered.  Coy Mathis is a first grader in Colorado.  Coy’s parents have said that since the age of 18 months Coy has wanted to and lived as a girl, even though Coy was born with a penis.

If you are a cismale or cisfemale the  pain of being trapped in the wrong body is not something that can be simply understood.  Every parent though knows they want their child to be happy.  Sometimes that happiness comes in ways that can be odd to the outside world.

As a parent do we owe our children unconditional support or do we owe it to them to prepare them for the world that won’t bother to try to understand their uniqueness and instead ridicule their difference?

Boys Will Be Boys….or Not!?!?!?


Polly Wanna Condom?

I am all about safer sex….its what’s for dinner.

I examine 3 alternatives to the latex condom.  In case you haven’t noticed I have a personal preference, Skyn by Lifestyles.  You can check out the other alternatives at the site:

Sex IQ : Polly Wanna Condom?

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