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You know my kid and your kid are going to be behind the 8-ball when they finally (if they) get around to taking civics class.

Once upon a time, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the networks were invested in education AND entertainment.  Like millions of other kids when I came home from school and turned on the TV we found this:



Yes School House Rock supplemented our 3 Rs back when I was a kid.  For what it is worth, there is a collection available on iffin you are interested.

I got to thinking about this as I heard about Kentucky Senator Rand Paul bringing back the talking filibuster.



I am angry that filibuster reform wasn’t done when the new Congress took office this past January.  The filibuster that exists now is being abused, even Tina Tuner looks and goes that’s fucked up.

I am not in favor of filibuster elimination, simply reform.

In a perfect world I would be okay with a 51 vote decision from the Senate.  My world, and this world is imperfect, so I am in favor of their being tools available to the minority.  The group I identify with the most is in power right now, that won’t always be the case.  I like this majority better, but that doesn’t mean I want to deny the minority a voice.

What I want is for that voice to not become a bullhorn that freezes everything and prevents progress.

I’m okay with things that I think are important not getting enough votes to pass — mostly.  I can whine and pout about it, but if it gets to a vote and we don’t get the numbers that simply means my side needs to work harder.

What bothers me is that this version of the filibuster means almost nothing is getting voted on.

This version of the filibuster requires only 1 anonymous Senator to object to any 1 item and that’s it.  They must give no reason, they must give no rhyme, they can say: filibuster and then go on vacation.

That is a problem.

For any piece of legislation to be denied a vote there should be a reason other than because.  The Senate should hear that reason.  Shit it might be a good one. It might sway people to your side if you can be methodical and logical and your objection has merit.

This version of the filibuster doesn’t do that.

Rand Paul … well let’s just say he ain’t his daddy Ron … brought the filibuster back.  Mind you he read from Alice in Wonderland and made Hitler references, but he executed the filibuster as it was designed.

Fight for you position.

I don’t want majority rule, I want more Hitler references.  I mean after all, the more people who see Paul in action the better it is for us all, right?

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