I’d Rather Be the Pope



I happen to love Olivia Pope.  I love Huck more but Olivia is still one bad chick.

The TV show Scandal has turned into one of my guilty pleasures.  I did not want it to, but it is and I suddenly find myself in the unique position of defending the show, and its heroine.

I accidentally ran across Scandal on a Thursday night while I was tooling around on the PC.  The show was trending on Twitter, and I needed some background noise so I flipped to my ABC affiliate.  My very first thought was… her lips are perfect.

That would be Kerry Washington’s lips.  The color and blending on her lipstick makes her lips look almost nude, and the contouring on her lips make them look almost perfect.  It also helps that Kerry uses the bottom half of her face to act a lot.  That lip tremble thing she does is Emmy worthy — if the qualifications for getting an Emmy nomination are how it makes your naughty parts warm.  (And well shouldn’t that be the criteria?)

Appreciation for Kerry’s lips aside, I enjoy the show for a multitude of reasons:

#1 – Huck


Actor Guillermo Diaz


In season 1 I found Huck intriguing.  He was the quiet one in the back of the room, and you know what they say about the quiet ones.  Then they put Huck to work,  having him torture a brother agent to get information that was relevant to a case.  The sight of Huck, laying on the plastic, next to his duct taped victim, calmly explaining the pain that was headed his way…  yeah big time turn on (but you should know that about me by now).

#2 Olitz


That’s short for Olivia & Fitz.  I don’t know who came up with that, and I hate it, but it is less to type so yipppeee!

Without going into their dynamic (which I will later), I love the passion.  Most women will tell you that they want the electricity that these two display.  Right or wrong its fireworks and fireworks are pretty.

#3 Exposure

The Angry Black Man

The Angry Black Man

On Thursday nights he comes out of hiding, all of his venom, his frustration and his irrational misplaced anger is in full throttle on Twitter.  Black men seem to hate Olivia Pope.  They call her a ho and a homewrecker and a side piece and a whore and go on… and on…. and  on… and on about how she will never prosper.

I don’t like to see the Angry Black Man but now that I know where to find him I can help to heal him:



#1 This is fiction.  It is a fictional account of people who do not exist, in a place that does not exist with people who do not exist.  Calm down.

We are not endorsing affairs, or encouraging the jump offs, or cheering for the side chick.  We are watching a show with a beautiful Black woman who is intelligent and powerful.

There is a difference between cheering for Olivia Pope and cheering for Draya.

#2  Yes married men sometimes leave their wives.  The men on twitter seemed to take great glee in shouting from every rooftop that Fitz was never gonna leave Mellie.  They all hit their simultaneous and joyful dougie when at Verna’s funeral Fitz went cold.  They also ignored that Fitz was very much going to divorce his wife.  Now marry Liv?  Who knows, but moonwalk out of the I Do?  Fitz had one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel.  Especially in Washington men with power and options are not all that hesitant to toss a woman to the curb.  Especially Republican men.  Fitz was going to leave until Verna stole his manhood and shattered his illusions.

#3  Olivia is still winning and she still will not be checking for the type of angry man who spends his nights on Twitter bitter that she’s not checking for them.

They spend their days and nights dreaming of a woman like Olivia and get their faces and testicles all knarled up when they realize that she went out and got a White man, and not just ANY White man, but the most powerful of White men in the White man’s world.  I suspect they shall be just as twisted when the show fast forwards 10 months later and Olivia is on to  the next White man.

Black men don’t object when their peers go out and get a White woman as a supposed upgrade, but they can’t stomach watching a Black woman do the same.

It’s okay though.  I understand and I know that you just need a little more love time and tenderness.  I get it.  I’m not even angry just a little disappointed.

Despite my disappointment, all things being equal, I’d rather be the pope.  A little broken heart won’t last and the possibilities are endless.



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2 Responses to I’d Rather Be the Pope

  1. theeunfetteredmind says:

    I use to love Kerry Washington, but I hate her character on the show. I actually watch the show for all the other characters instead, especially Katie Lowes! I am BEYOND sick of Olitz. Clearly they are the unrealistic soap opera women love to watch. I can’t stand Cyrus or his Diva wife either. I kind of secretly root for Liv to get killed for her intellectual stupidity which is an oxymoron in itself; but I know that would be the end of the show…i could live with that though.


    • Aphrodite Brown says:

      The girl in me has moments where she appreciates the love story, but the must see reason for me is Huck. Especially after 752 aired. I am all Huck all the time and if I am feeling really froggy, you can toss in a little Harrison too

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