Nobody’s Business

I logged onto Twitter last night, for something I no longer even remember the why behind.  I think perhaps I wanted to tweet about my Crimson Tide.  I found myself listening to a live stand-off with Baltimore police and a “blogger”.  I signed off after seeing this:


I know a collar when I see one.  Even if I did not I would know that something was up when I read her caption: He told me “you better not give it away”

There is something written on that item that I am sure younger, sharper eyes can figure out that I can not.

What I fear that what is actually written is a level of pain this child is not ready to handle, and an example that too many will follow without the foundation that should accompany this lifestyle.

BDSM is not a game.  It is not a toy, it is not something you do because you have nothing better to do.

Kink might be, but BDSM is not.

Yes I am taking this seriously but I do that because this is serious business.

There is kinky sex, and the role-playing portion that gets lumped into the BDSM umbrella that does not properly convey and portray what those of us who live this life, for real, understand.

You can really and truly fuck someone up physically and mentally if you are not in control, if you are not educated, and if you are playing at this thing rather than being committed to this thing.

Lest we forget:

Ladies and gentlemen this is not BDSM.  This is dysfunction, this is abuse, this is not BDSM.

She may wear a collar now, but then she wore the physical manifestation of a man not in control, a man who cares nothing about the one who wants to belong to him, and a man who is a Domi – NOT not a Dominant.

That was just about 3 years ago, and while it certainly is possible that people learn, and change, and evolve and grow up — that is a lost fact on one Chris Brown.

There is nothing about this man’s behavior since he beat this woman’s face in, that shows he has matured, that shows he understands why you don’t beat up your girlfriend, who understands that he is not being persecuted, rather he has earned all that he goes through.

There is nothing about Chris Brown that shows he has earned the right to collar anyone, not even a puppy, let alone a human being.

Rhianna’s newest single with Chris Brown is titled Nobody’s Business.

When you look like this:

You are right it is no one’s business but yours.

When that turns into this:

You’ve gotta kind of think that it should have been somebody’s business before you need an undertaker.

Intimate Partner violence is not a game.  It is not love.  It is not BDSM.

It is painful, it is hurtful, it destroys lives.

It can and does kill.

It might not be my own personal business, but someone needs to intervene on behalf of this young woman.  Before she is a lesson and an example posthumously.

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