Yes Mr. Walsh, There is such a thing as death

In the months and weeks leading up to the national election in the United States there was debate over if there was a war on women.

Various members of the Republican party stood up and thumped their chests and proclaimed those of us who pointed out obvious attacks on women, said there is nothing to see, that we are being hysterical and making things up.

One of those who got caught up in the she man woman haters club for Tea Party Republicans looking to get elected/ re-elected is soon to be EX Congressman Joe Walsh ( R ) of the great state of Illinois.

Mr. Walsh, the same Mr. Walsh who got in arrears in his child support payments to the tune of over $100,000, is on tape explaining why his zero tolerance ban on abortions makes sense:

Mr. Walsh, and the millions of others out there like you who are ignorant to science and facts: women DO still die in childbirth and terminations are necessary at times to save the health and life of the mother.

The case of Savita Halappanavar has focused worldwide attention on Ireland’s two-decade failure to define when abortions can be performed legally to save the life of a woman.

The 31-year-old dentist died Oct. 28 one week after being hospitalized with an imminent miscarriage. Her widow says they asked for three days for an abortion to ease her pain but were refused because the fetus still had a heartbeat.

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This woman was informed by her doctors that the fetus she carried would not survive, that she would miscarry.  This was a life that would not make it to the point of viability. There was no hope that the fetus would survive, yet because of the laws in Ireland, where doctors can (and are) prosecuted for performing terminations, this woman was forced to carry a dying fetus inside of her body.  The result of that was an infection that entered her bloodstream, caused organ failure, and eventually her death.

This woman should still be alive.

This is what is at risk when we vote against our own self interests women.  This could be you. Or your mother. Or your sister.

No woman should ever have to die because a cluster of cells that can not live outside of her body is more valuable to a misogynistic cause than her already established and contributing life.

We are more than incubators, and we have the right to determine when and if our uterus should be used.

We should resist legislation that would make that right of choice irrelevant.

We must resist lawmakers who use our uterus as a political football.

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