When A Man Loves Women

Yes I have been quiet after November 6.  It just seemed kind of wrong to spike the football and do the Ickey Shuffle after such a thorough and sound defeat.

But Nicole, it was a close election.


Not really.

There was too large, too professional, to prepared of a Team Obama out there to let this election be suppressed or stolen or for there to be any other result. Mind you, The Man and others can tell you how I refused to operate in anything other than panic mode.

Until election night.

On election night I settled in front of the TV and watched as every state that I felt would be delivered was.  Being honest, I was only watching for real because I wanted to watch the Senate races.

I tried to be a good girl and a lady and not give the big middle finger to the right – but here I am… giving the big middle finger to the right.


I hoped that in a few days the right would settle in and calm down and get to work.  Even if that work was voting for laws about my uterus but get to work – stop obstructing – stop distracting.

Instead, the right has come out of their ass with more hate – more bullshit – and they are back at it again.  Motherfuckers.

With Hillary Clinton looking forward to some time off, President Obama must pick a new Secretary of State.  He must do this while Be Be over there in the Middle East bombs the children of Palestine.  He must do this while 4 star Generals are banging and hanging with brunettes.

He must do this while Mitt Romney and the rest of the right bitches and moans that it was all that free stuff he gave the American electorate.

Now he must do this while he defends Susan Rice, UN Ambassador, Black woman.


Susan Rice has nothing to do with the State Department – nothing to do with the Embassy in Libya – she was doing a service for her President.

Republicans in the Senate though are insistent that if President Obama chooses to nominate Rice to replace Clinton they will filibuster her nomination.

There are two reasons to filibuster

1. To irritate Pres. Obama since they could not beat him

2. To convince him to nominate John Kerry so they have the opportunity to re-run Scott Brown for Kerry’s vacant Senate seat.

Both are bullshit  but listening to John McCain talk about it is bigger bullshit:


Yeah that bullshit right there

I am convinced that McCain is in Alzheimer’s.  This makes his not being elected in 2008 fortuitous.

What I am beyond impressed about though is President Obama’s response.

I am a Black woman and there are days that it feels like I am the only person on the planet.  I feel like I am attacked from every possible angle that there is no one there to hold and protect me.  I feel unappreciated. I feel over stressed.  I feel like I could sit down and weep because of how invisible I am to the rest of the world – including the Black man.

Yesterday the most powerful and respected Black man on the PLANET drew a line in the sand and said


And that was for one of his employees, so you can understand how he treats his wife and his daughters.

I fought back tears as I watched the President.  He reminded me that I am not alone, that I am loved, I am revered, and that no harm will ever come to me on his watch.

Then my cell phone sang a familiar tune:


It was The Man.  He was calling me to just talk.

I realized there is one other Black man out there with just as much passion and compassion for his Black woman as Barack Obama.

Then I realized that one day – whenever we get around to it – he’s gonna have papers on me.

I remembered why I said yes and I could no longer fight back those tears.

They were tears of happiness for us – they were tears of frustration for the women out there who do not yet have that – they were tears of hope that watching Barack Obama showed Black men everywhere willing to pay attention how the Black woman should be treated.

Hope and Change for real

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