Control Freak is not a Dirty Word (or two)

As a woman, one of the greatest successes you can achieve in life is learning how to control your body and take charge of your own sexual satisfaction. Careers, families,and houses are all nice, but your satisfaction is the one thing you can do (and do again and again and again and again and….) for yourself that no one else can do quite like you. It’s there when you’re tired, angry, happy or sad. Your orgasm doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t get mad when you’ve put on a few pounds or missed a deadline.  Your orgasm doesn’t require reciprocity.  And as luck would have it, your orgasm is actually the most reliable thing in your life… if you master it.

Taking control of your orgasm has nothing to do with being able to achieve it with others. It’s all about getting it in on your own, knowing what you like and what gets you excited. It’s all about tapping into your lust, and feeding the beast. We can’t even begin to truly enjoy sex with others, let alone explore BDSM relationships with people until we know what works on ourselves and what our own personal limits may entail.

If you haven’t taken the time really explore all of your magical bits, the time has come because the benefits are tenfold. First and foremost, you’ll no longer have to rely on anyone to give you what you need. Why wait for an orgasm to happen one or two days a week  (if you are fortunate), when you can knock one out daily? [It’s better than a daily vitamin] Especially when daily orgasms help make your skin glow due to increase blood flow and help you sleep better. You’ll also be able to develop a deeper sense of confidence in your sexual self. It’s also the safest sex you can have, no safe words or protection needed. No one ever got pregnant, or caught herpes from touching themselves.

While I recommend mastering your domain on your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t seek the help of some friends. Adam & Eve has come out with some pretty wonderful toys that’ll keep you coming for days. I’m a big supporter of the Waterproof Clit Dancer, because first of all, the name is great. Secondly, it’s discreet and third, it’s waterproof and ready for tub action. Kill two birds with one stone and start your morning off right. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, the Synergy Pleasure System is guaranteed to bring you to your knees. While this looks kind of like an electric toothbrush, the swappable heads allow you find what really gets you going. And it just so happens to be rechargeable–an earth friendly bonus.

Whether you use your trusty digits or a battery-powered friend, make finding your orgasm a priority and then set out to show it to someone else.



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