There is absolutely never a dull moment in our household.  NEVER.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is national election day here in the state of Pennsylvania.  This was important for us, because of how strongly we feel President Obama deserves to be re-elected.

This story is not about the President, that is for tomorrow or the day after.  Today, I describe voting with Bonnie & Clyde.

I have never missed an election, not a primary nor a general since I have been able to vote.  I take it seriously, and I am teaching Clyde to take it seriously as well.  In every election since he’s been here, I’ve taken my prince into the voting booth with me.  As he’s aged I’ve let him push the buttons for me.

Bonnie has voted for most of her life, but in recent years as her health has waned chooses to normally wait for the general election.

Today was planned day for the 3 of us, with my therapy in the morning, then the doctor for Bonnie.  There was scheduled breakfast and other trips through the day.  Clyde was in an excellent mood, and Bonnie was too, it was a good day.

Our day was scheduled to conclude with our trip to our polling place.

We don’t live in a place like Ohio, or Florida where you have to stand in line for hours.   There is rarely a line at our polling place.  The poll is less than  3 football field’s length away from our home.  The poll workers (most of them anyhow), know us both, Bonnie & I by name and character.

As election day drew close and there was talk about possible voter intimidation I did not worry about our two votes.

There was intimidation today….and it came from a surprising location.

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The first sign of trouble came as we sat in the car waiting for a parking spot to open close to the entrance.   We sat for about 20 minutes and no cars moved.  I grumbled, and cursed and finally relented that we would have to walk.

The walk was not far, less than 50 yards, but for Bonnie that is a lot.  We took our time, and Bonnie had to stop frequently.  I seethed.

When we got to the front door, I asked the election workers outside if all of those cars stationed at the front door was theirs…. no they responded, they belonged to the poll workers inside.

I seethed, and then began to rant


I have never seen such inconsiderate bullshit these fucking people are here all god damned day long in a high traffic area with old people coming out to vote and they are taking up all the god damned spaces 

As we shuffled slowly along my tirade continued. Bonnie who rarely hears me curse had little to say.  She on occasion mumbled an ummmhmmm but mostly she just focused on getting to the voting booth.

The poll workers watched me rant, as did Clyde.  No one said anything, not even Clyde who as I continued thought it would be best to hurry things along so he grabbed his grandmother’s other arm and pulled ahead.

Our check in table is all the way at the other end of the cafeteria of the Catholic school we vote in.  It was a long walk.

When we got to the table, Clyde quietly got a chair for his grandmother to sit in, while Bonnie huffed and puffed.  I checked us in, while I continued to complain, and I heard behind me …

“Ma’am you can’t smoke in here.”

I turned to see that Bonnie had taken a Marlboro out and lit up.

In the cafeteria.

Of the Catholic School.

Clyde was on Bonnie’s left, I was on Bonnie’s right, and the three of us looked at the poll official.  Normally I would explain to Bonnie that she can’t smoke in a certain place, but tonight I was not inclined to be cooperative.  Apparently neither was Bonnie as she looked up and blew smoke at his face.

I somehow managed to keep my poker face but I was peeing myself with laughter on the inside.

Apparently the three amigos looked formidable because he said nothing else, as Bonnie sat and smoked half of her cigarette waiting for him to lower the voting booth so that she could sit as I helped her to  vote.

All in all it took about 15 minutes for us both to vote and that is only because I had to read the ballot to Bonnie.

We shuffled out when we were done, Clyde clearing a path and Bonnie dropping cigarette ashes.

I made the outdoor poll worker get up so that Bonnie could sit while I pulled the car up closer.

When I got out to help her to the car, she was flirting with the Election Attorney posted outside, and slapping away the hand of the young woman who seemed fascinated with the length of Bonnie’s braid.

I am not 100% sure but I think Bonnie & Clyde shared a fist bump

In honor of my two loves, my sanity and reason … I give you  a little Public Enemy which kind of explains their swagger tonight as we cast our ballots:


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