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I was a quiet Friday morning for me, the overcast sky ensured that I would have at least 2 hours to myself after getting the boy off to school.

I live for mornings like this because I have so few of them these days.

Coffee? Check. Muffin? Check.  Up to the desktop to get the technicals out of the way before I tackled the weatherization and dusting.

Twitter?  Check.  Make my Twitter crush hard and pretend like I didn’t know I was doing it? Check.  Sip.

9:00am “Well the 2nd could be an opportunity…..”

Online banking, account balance WHAT??????  yeah what’s happening on Fetlife I don’t want to deal with this yet. Sip.

9:51 “We kept her in the room for 5 hours”


Thoughts of the weekend had already been flirting on the edges of my head, now they were front and center.

Center as in the center of the storm.  What exactly would that be like?  I know _____ and I know _____  I know __________… extremely well.  Thoughts drifting to the last time I had him underneath me.  The look on his face, the smell from his pores, incoherent and quivering. Yeah that was a good night. Smile.


10:14 “Get Under”

But my brain is already there.  Thinking.  Imagining. Going over the notes, already making the adjustments.  Time to close the door.

Tube 8.  Gotta love free porn.  Gotta love it.

10:32  “Such a greedy bitch …. so sexxxy”

I am terribly greedy I must agree.  After all who else besides a greedy bitch would set the perfect storm into motion?

Details … blah blah blah … no longer dripping but not back to normal either.

11:21 “I enjoy cleaning up…even if it is not my mess.”

Yeah it’s time to move things along….subtle does not work well with me.   I can do it without him but I want him to help.  Unsettled unfocused, I’ve got shit to do and it’s not going to get done until I cum.

Tube 8.  wow she is such a good girl!

11:27 “You know I am dripping wet right now don’t you?”

Take the bait please, I want it, I need it, yes I can do it by myself but I want you to help me.

11:32 “Knowing you are a sloppy mess right now makes me hard”

Of course it does.  That is where I want you, that is where I intend to keep you.  Now let’s talk about my throat.


11:38 “I love your shiver”

I am close to shivering now.  Drifting thoughts, sweaty memories, decadent moments, yes I am close.  If I say it will he hear me?

11:39 “OMG I am so fucking wet right now!”

And I am.  I can’t sit still, I am almost throbbing.  It’s harder to type, but I know what I want.  Will he give it to me???  Or will he remember just how much I like to beg and make me wait.  Please don’t make me wait…I don’t want to wait.


da hell?  Okay he’s got 30 more seconds and fuck him.  I will just tell him what he MISSED and boy won’t HE be sorry

But I go and get the hands free anyway just in case.

11:42 “Call me”



da hell?  Yeah okay.  Hope you’ve got room on the voicemail pal because I am about to…



“Are you really that wet?”

“I am.”

“What would it take to make you cum?”

“Not much.”

He is talking.  And I am there, across the bed.  In my cleaning clothes.


He is talking.  I can not tell you what he was saying.


He is talking.

“Let it out Nicole….”

I can take my pants off, or at least get my hand in there, hang on

“Let it out Nicole…..”

No fucking way – not gonna do it da hell I look like……fuck it I can rub my clit through my pants

“Remember when I was there and it started out as one…..”

Yeah not through the pants must touch – touch now – rub now why can’t I undo this knot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fumble fumble fumble

DA FUCK???????????????

“And before you knew it there you were with….”


I am cumming

SPLASH I am cumming again, I didn’t get my pants off I didn’t pinch a nipple, I didn’t rub my clit.





He is talking.  I can hear him, because my body is responding.  My nipples are hard and my toes are curled and I can not turn off the faucet….




He is talking

My back is arched and my legs are open and I am cumming and he is talking and the sight of my juices on his chest from the last time is in my head and my tongue snakes out because I need to clean him off and

SPLASH  here I go again

I want more give me more more more more more more more more more

I  can’t yell, I can’t cry out but I can take more, you know I can.  My brain is off and my pussy is on.

He is learning the language.  I can hear it, what exactly I don’t know but I can hear it and


breathe breathe breathe

“That’s enough”

ummmmm for who?  You know how I am….I am greedy



In a few minutes…. buzz
I did send a picture of the wet spot though 🙂

And I am pissed because I just changed those sheets yesterday.

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