In the Beginning …..

I’ve been sorting through some short stories, and letters lately.  It is a matter of cleansing so to speak, but it is also to see what can be used for submission.  I am taking the plunge I thought I would never take.

I ran across this piece titled Christmas.

I chose to share it because it reminds of a place I was so many, many years ago.  How fresh, how open, and how receptive I was.

My resume has expanded considerably since that time.  What has never changed though, no matter what side of the whip I’ve fallen on is my core need to be this girl, in this place.

I hope it touches you.  And well… I hope it makes you want to touch as well:

It is the nature of who I am because there is always more.  More doesn’t mean a different cock or a different date more means what else can I do to show this man at this time just how much I want him and need him.

What levels of depravity can we both sink to so that we are both so ashamed of our actions that we fear no one else will have us and we float on our own personal river of passion, finding new and well more ways to show one another what we mean.

As naughty and horny and willing as I am there are things that I haven’t done and things that I haven’t seen.  Things that I can’t tell you about because I don’t know that they exist . And that is alright because you can show them to me or we can find them together.  There is a world out there that neither of us knows.

I do scream harder and I do yell faster, and when your arms are flailing and my ass is stinging I do say more.  And more is what I want.  When it comes to you I always want more.

I do like pain.  When you don’t blindfold me I peek at you through the glass of the entertainment center to see which of your toys you     choose.  And if you can’t see it you can certainly smell my anticipation but let me tell you know that it is there.  I can see that paddle in your hand and know that within seconds it will connect and it sends ripples through the walls of my pussy and makes me drool uncontrollably.

It raises the hairs on my back and I see everything in the most vibrant colors and smell everything all around me.  I feel alive and electric and I want it.  I want to hear the wind whistle as you reach back as far as those long strong arms will allow and feel the heat as you connect.  It turns me on in the worst way to be there and helpless and know that my body is at your mercy.

It makes me dizzy and wet to watch you stare at my naked ass and be bare to you and  unprotected from your leather.

But I want your hands the most.  To feel your energy as you connect and to  have your hands on me in that way.  To be over your knee, and to use all of my self control to stay still and take what you have for me when all that it makes me want to do is fall to my knees and lick and suck you until my mouth won’t return to a closed position, until my hands go numb from rubbing my clit.

I want clothespins, but only because I think that you can get more of them on me.  Each pinch and all the weight reminds me that my breasts are there and that my nipples are hard and sensitive and that they are yours to massage and lick and decorate or bite what ever you choose to do.

I want weighted clamps for the lips of my vagina so that when I am in that position where my ass is in the air and the candles make “Daddy’s” dance in their light, you can see inside of me.  See my tender pink flesh begging and flexing for you and dripping and you tremble with the struggle of not plowing into me as I get just a little more wet with each connection of the cane.

I said cane didn’t I?  See now I don’t even know if that would work, I would imagine that it would break the skin, but if it doesn’t or you can use it without scarring then use it.  Or the plunger or the spatula or what ever else you have that you can use on me that will open me.  Any of them all of them will.

That is what this is about for me. Not just liking it but being open and showing you that it just isn’t the feel of you inside me its all of the delicious foreplay before hand too.   That it’s the welts and the stinging before the stuffing that I just can’t get enough of.   It’s the smell of you just over my shoulder as you secure me, and its the weight of you as you whisper in my ear that I am nothing but a horny little cumslut who needs to know her place and that I should be punished for making you this hard and turning you on this much and for you to take it out on my naked torso for as long as YOU can resist being inside of me.

I like you am not indestructible  but I also wont break in half.  I will break, and open myself more and be more submissive and learn to do and say all of these things and more but I wont break in  half.

And when there isn’t an inch of me on the outside that you haven’t claimed and that you haven’t marked I want you in me.  Balls deep on the long stroke so that I feel every inch of you as you split me in half and make me cum on your dick until its thick with what runs from me, and no matter how many times you kneel me back up, my passion saps the strength from my legs again.

Until you have no other option but to lay me on my back and continue to take what always belongs to you.

Treat me like a lover or treat me like a sex starved deposit only whore? You whispering in my ear with your hands around my throat while you pump hard inside me is what I want.  I want to hear how tight and wet my pussy is and what a dirty little bitch I am.  You whispering in my ear as you lick my neck and stroke my hair and tell me how happy you are that I am with you.

I’d settle for either, but I want more.  I want both.  But let’s start with you putting your decorum and chivalry on the shelf for a few hours and you gratifying yourself.  I guarantee that it will turn me on and get me off, and I think we will both be pleasantly surprised with the results.

You will always be my Daddy, but next time let me not be that ‘perfect’ girl on that pedestal.  Let me be faceless and nameless and take from me what you will. We can do the other stuff later.


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