Before the next swing she stopped to look at the pattern.

Before the next swing she stopped to observe the rhythmic rise and fall of her subjects chest.

Before the next swing she looked at toes, with pale blue polish curled in anticipation, helping their owner to comply with the instructions given.

Before the next swing the candle flickered and the collar glowed and it made her smile.

Before the next swing she inhaled. When her subject was this aroused you could smell it in the air and unless you were on your death bed you can’t help but react to that smell. The smell of cooperation and coercion, need and greed, the smell she’d fallen in love with and the smell that now greeted her waiting nostrils and well helped to generate a chemical reaction that would soon produce a smell quite similar.

Before the next swing she deliberately changed positions, moving heavily and loudly so that her conquest would hear her. She silently chuckled as the head attempted to move towards the sound, but was snugly confined within its harness.

Before the next swing she delicately moved the stand of hair that had fallen onto her companions forehead. She replaced that hair with a feather kiss.

Before the next swing she checked the wrist restraints. She’d wiggled out of them once before, and oh!! the price that was paid for that insolence!!!!

Before the next swing she gave a playful tug at beauty’s nipple clamps and watched as beauty’s back arched in trained response. Raising that magical ass of hers further into the air, made all the more the sight to behold with the welts glistening from sweat and baby oil.

Daddie lay down her suede flog and kissed beauty on the nose, like a mother would a sleeping child.

She walked back to her table of torture, and picked up the paddle. beauty would not be expecting it so soon, and the delight of the leather would be a welcome alteration from the sting of the suede.

She kneeled before beauty’s ass still high and empty ( but not for long ) and lay her paddle beneath them both.

With the little finger of her right hand she began to trace figure 8’s around the outer lips of beauty and smiled with evil delight as goosebumps rose on her flesh, and the muscles of those powerful thighs tensed, and beauty began to tremble.

On occasion she would ‘accidentally’ slip her finger inside, to find heat and moisture, and had to contain her giggle as beauty caught the finger, a nanosecond too late and tried to grab it and swallow it with her incredibly hungry pussy.

Before Daddie could pick up her paddle and complete the next swing she heard the key in the lock on the door.

Master was home.


























































There would be some explaining to do.

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