Frankenstein’s Monster

As the storm of the century approaches




I realize that I have not been here for a few days.  Contemplation can do that, as well as reflection.  I’ve been doing a lot of that these last few weeks as 40 came, and then stayed.

I do it a fair amount anyhow, but its been a little more in-depth lately.

It’s not that I have to make changes, its more I want to be more cautious as things go along because when 40 comes, well that means that you have less time ahead of you to fix things that you fuck up.

I have not lost my muse, she’s just out of reach right now.  The important things in life, the important things in my life, can’t be discussed here.   I made a promise and I try to keep them, even when it might be in my best interests not to keep them.

I know that she will be back, I just don’t know what you will get besides politics while she is on hiatus.  Politics is fine, except the people who come here to read about the election more than likely are not the same people who are coming to the site to buy strap – ons and ball gags.

My close friends would, and do but we’ve gotten to the point here that Vizionz is more than something I tell my friends to go read.

I am thankful for that, but it makes me wonder if I have to do what I thought I would not ever do, choose.

It is not a decision that I have to make tonight.

Tonight I have to make sure everything that can be charged, gets charged in case we lose power.




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