The Vagina Monologues

Really?  Fucking REALLY???????????

One day I hope that Vizionz circulation ups enough that a candidate running for political office would find it dangerous to not talk to me.  In the meantime I will simply have to scream loudly to those of you who do hear me.

This fascination with my uterus, vagina, and abilities has got to stop.  Not now but yesterday.  Not yesterday but last week.

In a debate between Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth in the great state of Illinois, yet again the topic of reproductive choice appeared, and once again a middle-aged White man has determined that my body is his business.

The Health and Life Exception is a FairyTale says Joe Walsh.

If there was ever a need for women in Congress 2012 would be that time.  Without a little more estrogen, I fear that we really will return to a time when women are property.

Yeah, this comes from a woman who chooses to live her life as property, but the motherfucking point is that it is MY CHOICE.

I could wake up tomorrow and say well that was nice let me return back to normal, and my fear is that the normal I have the option of rejecting will be the standard we all live under.

Forward not back.

There are those who believe that life begins at conception.  There are some who think that anything other than the rhythm method of contraception and abstinence are abominations.

The thing about these positions is that enforcement of or legislating these positions infringes on the freedoms and rights of those who have a different view.

Sure….the current laws might be offensive to your faith or personal belief system, but they do not prevent you from being able to live within your system.  Your position would prevent me from living mine, and there is the problem.

Reproductive control is an economic issue that is just as if not more important that the economy.  A woman without the ability to family plan, have control over her uterus and have regular health screenings will not see a good or bad economy because they are enslaved to their reality.

All of these men who don’t want women to use birth control don’t appear to be willing to abstain from sex themselves.  Somehow though this concept does not get through to them though.




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