Treat Her Like a Lady

This video first aired on World Star HipHop, a site known for its ratchet videos, it’s not give a fuck about standard society, and tits and ass.  Warning there could be triggers in this video for those who have triggers to man on woman violence:

There is an eight minute video of this incident that you are welcome to search for, I do not have the inclination to find it myself.  I saw enough in the short clip posted here.

This incident is not unusual.  Sadly.  I know I take public transportation almost everywhere these days.  The things that go on would make you never want to leave the house.

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never gotten into a physical altercation on public transit, but I certainly see how it happens.

The driver in question has been suspended, and will likely be fired.  I do not necessarily disagree that he should be fired, just not for that first punch.

I come from the school where you don’t throw one if you can’t catch one, man or woman.  Society will say that there is never a time to hit a woman, I will just disagree with society.  Fuck it would not be the first time, and it absolutely will not be the last time.

To backtrack just a little, the back story is the woman got on the bus without paying her fare.  There is dispute over if she had the fare or not, she says yes, the argument began because he thought no.  Where the video picks up, the two have devolved into a cursing, shouting match.  She spits on him and there we have it.

I can’t fault him for hitting her, I will not.  I won’t even make the argument that he didn’t have to hit her that hard.  Look, there is a basic level of decency that people should operate on, and when you go below that baseline there are consequences.   Don’t throw one…..if you can’t catch one.

I’ve had occasion recently to talk about that that minimum standard should be, or could be if we were paying attention.

If we hold our fellow human beings accountable, this incident never happens.  The girl doesn’t get to the flapping of the gums and the driver doesn’t get spit on, and no one pulls out a cellphone camera.

I have been engaged in a debate – I mean if that is what you want to call it – over how to properly end a BDSM relationship.

It seems to be a little bit more challenging than a regular relationship, but then again I have no point of reference really of what regular is, or how it ends.

The multiple separations with the Ex are not normal for any kind of relationship I would think, I would hope.

The father of my son and I were not together, not in my mind, although his bitterness tells a different tale.

Reginald, was doomed to fail from the beginning, and it happened so swiftly and with animosity which I found stunning. The Man and I have not parted ways.

I have no real understanding of how one ends a BDSM relationship, except kind of like art, or porn, you know it when you see it.  Or at least you should one would thing.

I’ve been vocal about how there is no need to have a scorched earth policy when two adults decide they just can’t any longer.  Its one thing to discuss flaws (if you are also owning your own shit) – its one thing to discuss abuse – it is something else all together to be so angry, and bitter, and vengeful that cause harm to another with deliberation and exhilaration.

Instead of treat her like a lady, maybe the golden rule should apply:

I would not be happy about that shit if it happened to me so fuck it I won’t do it to someone else.

That doesn’t seem to happen often though and I wonder why.  I wonder if the connections we attempt to make in this life are so much deeper so when they dissolve the pain is so much greater.

I may not ever figure it out, I might just not be built that way.  I think I am okay with that.


I know I am okay with calling bullshit where it stands and festers and stinks.  I know that when it is time to say good-bye that out of respect for what you had, wanted to have, thought you had, hope to have one day that simple, and tactful is better than making a YouTube video and advertising it.

I feel so strongly about this that I went back to the Reginald post here, to see if I was preaching and not practicing.  I feel comfortable that I am still walking the line.

What I am beyond uncomfortable with is the idea that after release one gets the right to abuse and humiliate, while the community stands in gawking silence.  In silence and in darkness is where evil stands, where evil roots, where evil grows.


I am not in the business of endorsing and supporting evil.

It would be great if I did not stand alone on this, but if I have to… well


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