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We are going to talk about this more in depth on Vizionz Radio tomorrow, when my blood pressure is lower and I have fewer motherfuckers in my vocabulary but I am not pleased.

I’ve been clear about my position on Election 2012 and how important I think it is, I’ve also been clear that even though I am currently on an Obama love fest…I’ve not always been a fan.  Tonight Barry reminded me why I get so annoyed with him so quickly.

I am willing to admit that I am one of those hyperventilating liberals who wants blood all of the time.  I am also willing to admit that on occasion, I’ve underestimated the President.  I will go on record tonight to say I don’t think tonight was a good night.

As a political geek I’ve looked forward to this debate.  Over the course of the campaign I’ve learned to keep a slightly paranoid edge when it comes to this election, while still giving the head nod to the POTUS at just how well he’s run the campaign.  I’ve smiled with glee as the calendar came closer and closer to November and watched as the pawns, and knights and bishops of the chess game all seemed to be lining up in the President’s favor.

I have watched POTUS kick ass without breaking a sweat, I’ve watched Mitt Romney look like a blithering idiot.  It seemed to be a no brainer, and I looked forward to tonight to watch the reigning champ score the TKO and prepare to dougie on down the road to victory.

What I saw tonight has my dougie on hold.  Now if you happen to have seen me dance you know that is a good thing, but for the future of our country….not so good.

Romeny’s base doesn’t like him, middle America is afraid of him, and all that we needed tonight was for President Obama to drop the mic and crip walk off stage.

I don’t know what I saw tonight, not really, except I did not see the knock out that I think was needed.

A debate is a tricky thing.  It can look one way but actually be something else and frankly I hope that is the case tonight, because without a doubt, Mitt Romney who was nicked on the carotid artery and was bleeding out got some stitches tonight.

There is so much out there to use against Romney, and so much that is in the President’s favor that simply didn’t get out there.   Yes there are two more debates, and 4 weeks left, yes yes yes.  I simply fail to realize how letting an opportunity slip by benefits your agenda.

There is something to be said for looking Presidential, and avoiding being the angry Black man, but I have to question if a little more passion was needed tonight.   Its 1 am and the morning spin has not yet begun, but I have doubts.

Mitt Romney had nothing to lose, and acted like he had nothing to lose.   The President has something to lose, and acted as if it was never in jeopardy.  Mr. President it is always in jeopardy when Donald Trump is still asking if you were born in Kenya and the Republican mantra is that you are not legitimate.

If you were a White man Mr. President this race would be over.  America would not even consider replacing you.  You Mr. President do not have the luxury of privilege to sit back on and allow that to take you into your second term.  You must fight, just as hard as you’ve fought for the American people and tonight that simply did not happen.

Sure, you were waiting for Lehrer to come out of his old man coma and control the debate….it should not have taken you 64 minutes to realize that it was not going to happen.

Sure Sir, those of us with critical thinking skills understand that Romney lied.  We understand that he still gave no details.  We understand that he is still the candidate he’s always been and that he is bad for our future.  That simply does not excuse your  passive approach to last night’s debate.

Yes you have the lead, and it appears that the goal was Do No Harm, yet harm was done.  I simply hope and pray that it was not harm that can not be undone.

There was no mention of Paul Ryan and the Ryan budget.

There was no mention of the salvation of the US Auto Industry.

There was no mention of 30+ months of job growth.

There was no mention of the decimation of Al Quaeda.

Instead Romney jumped in and looked feisty.  No feisty is not presidential, but you weren’t talking to me Mr. President, you were speaking to those on the fence, those who are undecided, those who have lost their passion.  This performance did not help you with them.

Mitt Romney simply looked like a man who could be President, when up until now he’s looked like a man who couldn’t be dog catcher.

What is so frustrating is understanding fundamentally that Barack Obama is better than he displayed tonight.   It was painful watching as the night wore on, the President have to bite his tongue.  I get that you can’t be the angry Black man, but what I also get is that you are so superior in intelligence that you don’t have to be the angry Black man.

Tonight’s debate gave the Romney campaign life.  It was the doctor screaming clear and hitting the chest with the paddles and the monitor beeping again.

It should not be left up to the political pundits to explain how large of a liar Romney is, and you could have done that and still maintained your swag.  There were ways to tie Romney to his policies, to his offshore accounts, without appearing to be mean or be a bully.  How about this….how about using the words Bain Capital?  I cant recall it being referenced once.

Oh Mr. President, yes I know that Joe Biden is gonna take little Paul Ryan to school, but I need you sir to step it up.

Big Time.

We will delve a little deeper into this tomorrow over at Vizionz from the Bottom radio.

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