Mia & Her Friends

A couple of years ago I was out on South St with a friend and we ended up in a sex shop.  Hey! It happens!

She and I went into the store, I’d never been there before and I was not impressed.  The thing about being me is that you’ve seen a lot over the years and there is almost nothing that is a surprise to you.  Almost.

I hadn’t seen everything though, I’d not yet met Mia.

We were talking to the girl at the counter and I was complaining that my vibrators were boring me.  The clerk pulled out a purple box and there she was: Mia

I thought she was the cutest thing in the world but I wasn’t interested in her.   I’d bought lipstick vibes before and for my money they sucked.  They burned out quickly and they were noisy, and just a waste of my money.

The clerk asked me to put out my hand, she turned on Mia and my jaw dropped.  Oh what a feeling!  She was the absolute most powerful lipstick vibe I’d ever held.  I was intrigued.  I was stunned because she was whisper quiet.  It didn’t make sense to me that something so strong would be so quiet.

She was this adorable pink color, and as I turned her over and over I asked:  where do you put the batteries?

The clerk pulled Mia open to reveal a USB plug and I immediately pulled out my credit card.

Mia was my very first Lelo product. She would not be my last.  The average life span of a lipstick vibrator in my arsenal is about 6 weeks. Mia and I had a semi exclusive relationship for almost 3 years before her motor finally tapped out. I paid more for her than I did for my Hitachi, but she served me better.

I can’t carry Hitachi in my purse, but Mia fit in my wallet.  I even charged her at work one day and smiled as everyone asked where I got that cute pink flash drive.

My wonderful experience with Mia allowed me to re-visit the Lelo company and find out what other goodies she had for me.  In the upcoming weeks I will talk about my favorite Lelo products and share the story of how we met and how we fell in love.

In the meantime, to purchase Mia and other Lelo products stop by Eden Fantasys and let them help you fulfill your fantasies.
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