So there are some who will read this and not have one fucking clue what I am talking about, please just pretend that you do and don’t make me feel any older…..please?

What I love about Fetlife besides all of the naked photos of men and women, is that sometimes you can get into a good conversation.

I like to talk theory sometimes, I even like hearing about things that I would never do.  Learning about how others lives is a cool motherfucking thing.

What I dislike about Fetlife is the repetition.  Having the same conversations over and over is less than desirable.

Watching the same dysfunctional people ignore their dysfunction and/or spread their dysfunction is less fun than one would think, even for a gal like me with sadistic tendencies.

At some point it makes you want to withdraw.  I see now what The Man said when he said it was turning into Facebook.

A fairly lengthy debate over the past few days has gotten my wheels turning and wondering out loud…is it REALLY just me?  I know just how unique I am, I  understand that in a world of 7 billion I am still a rarity.  I simply don’t think that I am all that special.

There are things that I see, that people tell me, that I witness that makes me question if it is really just me, because so many other people seem to not be getting it.  I’ve always been of the mind that if the common denominator is you ….. chances are ….. you are the problem.

I’m not sure it is me this time though… at least not in this argument.

One of the ugliest things about sharing your kink life is that it opens you up to scrutiny.  I may not be a Kardashian, but I think I hold up fairly well.  I am consistent in my views because they are genuine to me, and I don’t lie because my brain is not advanced enough to keep up with them.

It is still a slap in the face – and not the good kind of slap – when people who you know are fraudulent stand their ground and tell you that you are doing things wrong.

For me I think that I put so much work in to get to the point that I am that I get highly offended when that is discounted.  I do like validation at times, like most folk.

I made the choice to join a group that will let me explore openly a different side of me than most people get to see.  It is refreshing to me, and it is healthy for me…so to have that health jeopardized by the warped perception of others… well not cool.

As I sit and configure the new Vizionz store, and lay out the production for the new season of Vizionz radio…I ask myself if I want to split my energy on those who on the real…..don’t quite get it.


I dunno.


I do know that I like this song though.  I hope you like it too:



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