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I’ve gotten great feedback from you in the past 24 hours since I announced that voting for the 2012 Black Weblog Awards is open.  I am touched.  Yes, that kind of touched but also thankful that you take time out of your schedule to visit my little corner of the universe.  This post is for you, but not really.

I’m getting new traffic from people wondering who the fuck is Nicole and why should I vote for her?  Good question.  Since ‘because’ doesn’t seem to be persuasive enough, I thought I would pull out some of my favorite posts from the last two years, and re-share them.

For Your Consideration,

listed below are the categories I am nominated in, and links to the highlights… or at least what I consider highlights.  Some were chosen because they’ve gotten the most visits from people off the interwebz…others were chosen because they are special to me and I hope will be special to you.

Remember:  If you would like to cast a ballot for Vizionz from the Bottom in any of her 3 categories click the NOMINEE badge >>>> there to the left, right underneath the link to Private Pleasures: A Vizionz from the Bottom Production



Best Micro Blog

 Vizionz from the Bottom Tumblr




Best Personal Blog:

Call me fat if you want to

I can relate to the story of a woman, who settles for something less than because she does not feel she deserves more, and the man who refuses to let her go no matter how hard she fights him

Betty I could take on a deserted island with me and never tire of hearing her.  She was a woman before her time.

I am unsure why it never occurred to me, but then again, I was spending 20 hours a day under the influence of something or another.

Can you be born a freak?

For the 100th entry to Vizionz, I want to share with you an intimate conversation with someone that I consider a friend. It is just our luck he is also an author, Sir Guy.

She’s strong for an old woman with one arm.

Even in her platform boots he was bigger than her. On tip toe she barely reached his ear to whisper; “Sir wants to see me on the fucking machine”

Back to Anthony Weiner….

Turned him on again and MAC said fuck your final assignment bitch my Daddy is dead! and promptly turned right the fuck back off…..grumble

Help Malik Turner Find His Soul Mate

How can this woman NOT BE Public Enemy Number One?

50 Shades of Vizionz Radio

Nadia Suleman has a bankruptcy judgment, and the lure of porn.

 And by cracker I mean a relationship.



 Best Blog Post Series

BDSM & The Safety Series



& lastly – as a bonus – this is a category created after nominations were done but is certainly worth the visit:

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