It’s A Black Thing…Romney Doesn’t Understand

Willard “Mitt” Romney on stage at the annual NAACP Convention July 2012

Let me be clear, there are many more things in this election that are more important than race.  Race might  be a pretty big deal though before it is all said and done.

In a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll it was revealed that Mitt Romney received a statistical zero percent of those who identified as Black.  Zero isn’t even a number.

In my own circle of influence I’ve known all along that Romany has a Black problem.  Even if he were not the nominee of the Republican party, President Obama has overwhelming support of American Blacks who vote.  As long as Barack Obama is Black and running for office many Blacks will support him on the strength that he is a Black man.  I think that is not the best of reasons to support the President, but I will take it on November 6.

What was already seen as an uphill battle for Romney, has suddenly become a comedy of errors that Shakespeare would envy.

On September 5, 2012 Mr. Romney announced that he was creating:

the Romney For President Black Leadership Council.

I wonder if the urge to create this advisory panel came from watching playback of the abbreviated RNC and realizing that all of the color that existed was on the stage?

Regardless of the why, Mitt’s done it, so let’s examine who is on this council and what Mitt hopes they can do for him:

“In the months to come, this group will help facilitate dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected leaders who provide unique expertise, experience and knowledge on a range of issues impacting black American communities”

That is an exact quote from the Romney-Ryan website. I may not be a campaign adviser but I do know that you capitalize Black when referring to ethnicity.

Let’s keep going though shall we?

“Barack Obama spoke to the best in us when he ran for president in 2008,” said Congressman Allen West. “Today, he’s running a negative campaign that says nothing about how we will end this economic downturn and put our country back on the path to prosperity.”

This would be the same Allen West who has accused sitting members of Congress of being Communists.  Yeah…..nothing negative there.

Allen West will co-chair this council with Florida’s Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.  If you are not from the state of Florida then you may not have heard this story:

Jennifer Carroll accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a staffer.

How’s that family values thing working out for you Mitt?

The 3rd national chair is Tim Scott, Representative from the state of South Carolina.  Tim in comparison is squeaky clean compared to his other two chairs, except for that time he was at an American Israel Educational Foundation (AIEF) retreat and his congressional peers took a dip into the Sea of Galilee… least one of them sans clothing.

This is the problem with the Romney campaign – well one of them at least.  They don’t get it, and they don’t seem to be able to create the ability to get it.

Now perhaps Romney thinks that the Black vote is a lost cause, and well YOLO!

The thing is, we are not a lost cause, we simply can smell fraud and bullshit.

If the Black voters of the United States are not buying what Mitt is selling, selecting 3 flawed and obscure Black people to head up a council is not going to assist with the sales record.

Then again this is the man who gave us this classic Mitt moment:




Then of course there is this other Mitt jewel that doesn’t seem to be circulating around the news these days:


There is certainly a reason why Mitt is not resonating with African Americans in this election:  He does not understand.

You don’t get to call our babies Michael Jordan wearing bling bling and profess your love for a religion that until 1978 said we were not human without catching a side eye, and not catching votes.

It’s okay though Mitt.  I do not understand what it is like to be a White man born to wealth, power and privilege.

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