Back 2 School

We’ve all seen the Staples commercial where the happy Dad floats through the aisles of the store as ♫ It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year♫ plays in the background. Yes it is that time of year…the kids are going back to school.

For the adults in the house this often means a return to normalcy.  Bedtimes are more strictly enforced, and daylight hours are … ahem … quieter. Now that the pencils and pens have been packed, along with the school lunches, and gym shorts, mom….dad….why not take a moment and think about some adult learning and teaching.

Eden Fantasys is running a promotion until August 31, 2012 ((( YES YES YES THERE IS STILL TIME)))!!!!!!  Using the following discount codes you have the opportunity to purchase some fantastic tools you can use to teach yourself how to be an adult again.

  • ROMANCE15 – save 15% on your order
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If your little ones – or not so little ones – have not yet returned to the classroom by August 31, don’t worry!  I have some additional suggestions for you:


My Miracle Massager


Ladies the Hitachi is your friend.  I repeat!, the Hitachi is your friend.  This is not a Hitachi but it is a powerful little buddy. It is smaller than the Hitachi.  It’s design is ergonomic so that for … ahem …. longer sessions won’t produce hand cramps. The flexible head allows for precision and targeting.  There is nothing quite like hitting that spot. If the Hitachi is the King of powerful vibrators, the My Miracle Massager is surely the queen.  This product retails at $29.39.


Why not celebrate the new semester with a little costume party in your bedroom?

If you’ve spent the summer in mom mode, stepping out of character might be just what you need to add balance to your life.  Eden Fantasys has dozens and dozens of costumes you can select to step into a different life.  Wanna be a sailor girl and have your partner rock your boat?  They’ve got it.

Is the new season of Dancing with the Stars taking too long to start? Then use the Cha Cha skirt to try out all those moves you’ve been working out in your head.   If it is a little dirty dancing that you want to do, why not buy your man the Candyman.  I bet you can make him melt in your mouth. 🙂

And you know that I simply have to close out my suggestions with something kinky, so I present to you The Black Rose.  Don’t let the decorative design fool you, this item is hot.  The bar is soft, and the silk ties allow you to adjust and secure the bit to the comfort level of the one who will wear it. If the kids have to get up early for school the next day, this little one  will keep all your moans quiet. This product retails for $18.99.



Author’s Note:  This post has been sponsored by Eden Fantasys 

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