The Glass House – Basketball Wives 4 Reunion

Don’t take off your shoes, you will bleed out from the cuts in your feet.

From l to r: Royce, Kenya, Jennifer, Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya


Season 4 of the Miami cast has ended and part one of the reunion show aired tonight.  Constant reader, I have to warn you that after next week’s part two, you shall not get another Basketball Wives cast blog from me.  I just can’t.

What I’ve witnessed this season is beyond anything I’ve seen before and the hypocritical attitudes of the “Mean Girls”, this year is beyond something that I can continue to give press.  If you consider me press, I suppose.

I get that the show is edited, and I get that a bad edit can hurt a person, but at the end of the day, if you don’t do it they can not feel it.

I’ve watched on Twitter and in articles all season long while Tami bitches and complains about the “good edit” that Kesha has gotten all season, yet I have to say regardless of what the hood might think, Kesha has acted like a grown woman.

The reunion show seems to me to be a retraction on the part of the editors of the show to undo all of the bad they feel they cast upon Tami, and I call bullshit on that.

All season, fuck the last few seasons, all of this controversy has been about YOU SAID TO HER BECAUSE SHE HAD TOLD ME AND IT WAS SAID LAST FRIDAY, and grown women, alleged grown women respond to words with fists.

The two women that acted this season like they had some home training and common sense Jennifer and Kesha have been mocked by the others on screen. Yet, they are the two women who while they may not have been perfect, realize how utterly ridiculous it is to be 40 years old, throwing elbows over words.

Kesha refused to allow herself to be put in a place where she might have to fight on camera.  The response to that was she was a punk, she was pitiful, she was a bitch, she was a punk for not wanting to box?  Really?  We judge adulthood now on one’s ability to throw a right hook?  Or catch a right hook?

Jennifer got slapped in the face and filed a police report and that was the wrong thing to do?  I think not.  I think she could have done a better job of defending herself at the moment, but the police report?…not one fucking thing wrong with that….not one.

I watched part one tonight with disbelief, as Tami goes on a long winded kettle/pot rant about Jennifer taking responsibility, being consistent, and not being a bully.  The same Tami that bullied Kesha to the point that she got on a plane to fly for 24 hours to get away from Tami.

I wondered if I was in the Twilight Zone – but the Twilight Zone was good television.

The one thing that has been consistent since this show began, was that the clique decided who was and was not worthy of their time and attention, and if for some reason they determined you were not, then they worked to make your life miserable.

Ask Ashley, ask Gloria, ask Royce, ask Meeka.

This entire show is a bad acid trip back to high school, and I am ready to graduate.

Jennifer was asked why she didn’t press charges when her ex Eric threw a drink in her face, she was told she was inconsistent because she did press charges for the Nia slap….WHAT?

First, in the Eric situation he was retaliating to Jennifer throwing a drink at him, and second they are already in a legal proceeding, it is called divorce.

The audacity of these women to decide that Jennifer was now out of the circle and it was time to swarm on her offends my humanity.

Part one concluded with Jennifer walking off stage to take a polygraph.


Excuse me?

First I am baffled why she would agree to do it at all.  Evelyn took one because she has now  decided that she is going to air all of Jennifer’s dirty laundry, and wants to show the world how ‘real’ she is.

My response?

Get the entire fuck out of here.

I’ve taken one polygraph in my life, and that was to work with the Philadelphia Police Department.  What the fuck would I look like taking on for a reality show?  I honestly would have gotten up, gone to the room, dropped my pannies and taken a monster shit on that machine, wiped my ass with the tie of the administrator and walked out of the building.

I am afraid of what I will see in part two, assuming that I can stomach part two.

Because I got physically ill watching Evelyn complain that the show FORCED her to talk about an issue that she was not interested in talking about, yet in Tahiti everyone tried to FORCE Jennifer to talk about something she said that she was not interested talking about.

The its good for me, but you can’t do it is what disturbs my Libra scales the most and I’ve reached my limit.

Well I might have 60 more minutes, but they will be painful.

Fuck season 6 though.  I am matriculating to adult programming.




In the hours since I wrote this, part one of the reunion special has aired all across the nation, and now the women are “talking”.

This is the link to Tami Roman’s response:

I have a problem with this, and I can not jump on the bandwagon of people applauding Tami for her lip service.

Time and time again, Tami has gone to the radio, or gone to her blog, or gone to an interview to proclaim her humanity and proclaim she is flawed.  So?  We are all human and we are all flawed, what we all are not is repeat offenders.  Tami appears to want (along with the other ladies with bad behavior) for the viewing audience to stop judging them based on the things we see on the show, yet the show keeps showing the same things over and over.

What grew more and more apparent with this 4th season is that one of the women grew outside of certain behavior and others were stuck in the groove.   Jennifer has been a mean girl, to Royce, to Ashley, and this season you saw a different Jennifer.  It doesn’t matter if it was a way to preserve her image, at the least she understands she has an image and values it enough to protect it.

Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami all are stuck where we saw them in season 2, except with better weaves (sometimes).

It is one thing to say I am flawed and then to go about the business of fixing those flaws and demonstrating the fixing to say I am flawed, and then days later (or weeks depending on the filming) doing the exact same thing again.  Would a show where no one threw cocktails, or had to be separated by security be interesting?  It would be nice to have that opportunity to see for ourselves.

It would be very very nice.

Perhaps instead of blogs where you say I fucked up, maybe you could try writing one where you say see what progress I have made!  Then again, you would actually have to make the progress.



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