At What Cost?

Is Brian McKnight having the best week ever? I am not sure, but he is certainly having an increase in relevancy this week.

I logged into Twitter Friday morning to crow about how handsome Clyde looked as I sent him off to his best of the best luncheon.  Prior to my even being able to say good morning, and happy Pride month, I was met with multiple tweets from my time line to announce that Brian McKnight had done it again!

If you recall a few weeks ago he released a song titled IfYoureReadyToLearn:


So that is the “official video”, I am not sure that this was available to me when I wrote this:

I wrote about how the song wounded my soul and annoyed the shit out of me.  I had no idea that things could get worse.  Shame on me.

So on Twitter Friday I am confronted with listening to Brian McKnight’s new song – Anal.  My 24 year old girl who used to dance barefoot in the office to Anytime died right then and there.   I didn’t have time to bury her though because I would find out that the song is NOT called ANAL.  whew!

It is a promo song for a porn site called YouPorn.

I know this because I could not leave well enough alone, I had to hear it for myself and I did.  Since I am such a generous person constant reader, you get to hear it as well.  NSFW…..(but then again nothing here is suitable for work) Anthem from renowned artist Brian McKnight.[Exclusive] powered by YouPorn.

I didn’t want to think that Brian was singing this, it is done in AutoTune and the beat is almost current and attractive.  Brian is not known (at least to me), for his ability to reflect the mainstream.

Then there are the lyrics: ” You wanna see some fucking anal, I can get you close enough to smell gonna drive you insane-o.”

I am a supporter of anal sex, however I do not suggest that you get close enough to smell unless of course you are the parties engaged in the anal.

The song goes on for 4:08, with Brian repeating over and over head on over to YouPorn.  The women in the video YouPorn created even try to twerk.  I give them all (except Brian) an “A” for effort.

Look Brian has to pay his bills, I get that.  I certainly am not going to volunteer to do it, I have enough bills of my own.  I am not mad at this song.  It’s not a great song, it won’t finally deliver to him that elusive Grammy, but as a jingle for a porn site…eh its not bad.

Now this segment was designed to be one of the topics for Vizionz radio this week, but, my co-host is still laughing so I suspect we will go sanz show today.  It would have been epic.

So does this make a good or a bad week for Brian?  I am gonna aim for good.  You see, until IfYoureReadyToLearn popped up on the scene no one was talking about Brian.  After he released that ridiculous video with the vagina puppet, no one was talking about Brian.  Today and perhaps even for tomorrow people will talk about Brian.

If it results in additional income for him, well who am I to say it was a bad move?

What if though…just what if this results in Brian no longer being paid for weddings because instead of the crowd wanting to hear Back at One, they clamor for the pussy song? Will the immediate payday be worth it?  I don’t know, only Brian can answer that.

I wonder if Brian has considered that.  #kanyeshrug

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