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My Pussy Doesn’t Stink

That is not something that I should have to put out there into the universe, it is something that should be obvious.   Yet, Jessica Canseco didn’t get the memo. America meet the Hollywood Exes. VH1 has dug deep to … Continue reading

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Guest Appearance

A fellow kinkster asked to pick my brains about slavehood and BDSM.  I thought you might like to hear it:

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Pop Quiz….try to describe something – an emotion – without using the opposite of what it is. Can you define happy if there is no sad to use as comparison?  How do you know what happy is unless you – … Continue reading

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Words Matter…

Those of you that have visited here once or twice know that Clyde is my baby boy and that he has Autism.  The Autism has affected his ability to communicate and he is non verbal.   One of my biggest … Continue reading

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A Baller’s Life?

I almost never talk about my personal life…unless of course you count the Depth Perception series. The Twitterverse brought something to my attention today, something that I have not addressed in depth here, even if I have whispered over the … Continue reading

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