And So It Begins….

The primary season seemed to take forever to reach the conclusion we all knew was coming, but finally…oh finally, Willard Mitt Romney secured enough delegates to obtain the Republican nomination for President of the United States of Amercia America.

Does this mean that we can go back to ignoring this race now?  I mean really, it is not yet June and people commentators keep wanting to discuss this race. It’s too early for this shit.

I do not want to give the impression that I don’t find this race to be important, I do beyond your ability to comprehend and my ability to explain, I think this race is important.  I am not yet prepared though to sacrifice my summer news viewing because there is yet another poll someplace telling me that President Obama has the lead among transvestite albinos who are left-handed and live in Reno Nevada.

It is in part because I have made up my mind, but it is also in part because the attention span of the average American is about 17.4 seconds and what you talk about today is not going to matter in October.

Speaking of October I am looking forward to it.  Not just because the month contains my 40th birthday, but because the wonderful things that will be coming out of camp Obama are going to be epic…..EPIC I tell you.

If you have doubt that President Obama has a plan that will obliterate Mitt Romney beginning Labor Day right up to election day….you are delusional.  If you are delusional, then you are not listening anything the talking heads are saying right now anyway, the voices in your head are too loud.

I won’t ignore this campaign over the summer, I am too much of a political geek to do that.

I am annoyed though that SO much attention is being paid to numbers that don’t matter because after Labor Day it is a whole other campaign.

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