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It bothers me that the R&B artist Brian McKnight had the audacity to write a song about showing a woman that she can be sexually satisfied, but when I stop and think about it:  He wouldn’t have to write the song if more women were getting off.

He may have made the song in a moment of boredom and as a joke, but the song itself is based on something that is real: many women are not reaching their full orgasmic potential.  That is assuming that there are women out there that understand that there is more to the sex they are having than what they are currently getting.

I am going to make a few suggestions in this piece to women.  Men, you might want to pay attention as well, after all, a satisfied woman should be at the top of your “to do” list (pun intended).

If you are looking for mommy porn, sorry.  I completed the Shades of Grey Trilogy, hated it, and realized that even in our fiction, where our imaginations can take us anywhere women are still confined to the idea that the orgasm is rare, and that when it comes it comes in a singular fashion.  I shed a tear …… then I got to typing.

Allow me to be clear ladies, you will not ever, and I repeat EVER hear me say to you anything resembling the fallacy:

Sex can be good for a woman even if she does not have an orgasm.

I liken that to someone saying life can be good without all that inhaling/exhaling thing that we do all of the time.

Women need orgasms.  Period.

For so many women the big O is out of reach so I am going to make some suggestions – of the mobile toy variety – that a girl can use to break the dam and allow the orgasm floodgate to open.

The following products have been selected from the website EdenFantasys.  I ran across the site by accident a few years ago while I was looking for something else and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site was full of so many delicious sex toys.  It was Christmas in October for me. 🙂

I took the time to go through the pages (and pages and pages) of vibrators and have selected three that I can vouch for.

The Lady Godiva

First she’s pink one of my favorite colors.  The Lady Godiva is a wonderful first vibrator for many reasons.  First she is small so there is less of an intimidation factor that exists with some of the larger toys out there.  Second, she is remote-controlled.  If you are using her alone and you are new at attempts to self pleasure, then this is a great feature.  You can insert her with the ease you would a tampon without having to worry if you are putting it in the right place, and/or holding her long enough to cross your orgasmic threshold.  There are two side attachments that extend towards your clitoris and your perineum.  The motor is a bullet.  Bullets are quite power little devils and the attachments while they may not reach your clitoris the proximity of the vibrations should work to get you over the edge.  The current price $38.99.


Welcome to the 21st century and the technology that goes with it.  The NaughtiBod is a fair-sized vibrator. For the beginner or slightly experienced I call it the Goldilocks of vibrators, not too big, not too small….just right.  Lightweight and plastic the NaughtiBod has the unique feature of being able to connect to your iPod or MP3 player and allowing your vibrations to match your sounds.  Think of that sexy song that you hear that gets you all tingly….now think about all of the hot sex daydreams you’ve had during that song.  The NaughtiBod brings it all home.  You can insert it, or use as an outside clitoral stimulator.  The NaightiBod doesn’t just rock to music though.  Grab your favorite hot novel in audio form- yes even if it is 50 Shades…and allow the NaughtiBod to take you there.   As the author reads you the scene of Ana and Christian in the elevator, use your NaughtiBod to get to you to that apex Christian seems to get Ana to every time they touch.  NaightiBod currently retails for $59.00.

and finally

The Hitachi Magic Wand 

So you’ve gotten warmed up and you are comfortable with the toys and what they do?  Well now let’s turn it up a notch, or 12.  This is one of the bigger and badder of the vibrators on the market.   If you are looking for something that will show you what multiple orgasms feels like, I introduce you to the Hitachi.  Unlike the smaller ones that I’ve talked about so far good ole Hitachi has two speeds, fast/slow.  She kind of doesn’t need all of the bell and whistles though.   The Hitachi is a clitoral stimulator and powerful. I call it zero to orgasm in 3.2 seconds.  It is not designed for vaginal insertion, but there are attachments that can be bought for the device that make the experience quite the party. Warning:  Women who use the Hitachi have been known to have squirting orgasms when using it.  What is a squirting orgasm you ask?  I will have to cover that in a different blog, & no you don’t need Brian McKnight to show you.  Current price for the Hitachi at EdenFantasys is $54.99



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