I Declare War


The GOP: Hunh?  What?  What war on women?

The thing about this political season that perplexes me the most is while we run the 24 hour news cycle, the things that are actually happening in our nation get poo poohed as if we were imagining them.

There are things that I imagine, I have a vivid imagination. I am not imagining the GOP’s War on Women.

I am not imagining the misogyny that runs amok in this nation.

I perhaps might be over sensitive about it, but imagine?  No.

The GOP leadership, shortly after finally getting rid of that drunk uncle who would say anything out of his mouth named Rick Santorum … decided that no matter what the presence and relative success of Santorum meant… they would just deny that there was a war on women.

Women don’t care about this kind of stuff they said.


The last time that I looked – hang on – yeppers still there – I have a vagina.  I might just be qualified to be a woman. Maybe. Possibly.

As a woman what do I care about?

I care about my family.

I care about security.

I care about the economy.

I care about my ability to contribute, provide, and just generally not be a total drain on society.

Vagina – thought pattern.

Yet the GOP wants me to buy into the new-found concept that they give a fuck about me and my vagina and my ability to contribute, provide, and just generally not be a total drain on society.




When Mitt Romney says that he will get rid of Planned Parenthood, that is not a part of the war on women?

When Arizona and Virginia race to be the first state in the nation to pass laws restricting a woman’s reproductive choice, that is not a part of the war on women?

When 100% of federal funding for the Affordable Care Act segment that covers preventive screenings for cancers that affect women is cut so that student loan rates do not double over the summer, that is not a part of the war on women?

Oh that student loan interest rate thing?  36% of women aged 25 – 30 hold Bachelor’s degrees compared to 28% of men.  That’s not a coincidence I suppose.

But Nicole!  Not every woman has the same values that you have!

Certainly, yet:

Even if a woman is what we call “pro-life”, she is directly affected by concerted efforts to curtail her ability to remain healthy.

Mammograms have absolutely ZERO connection to terminating a pregnancy, yet, if an entity decides that it will participate in the LEGAL activity of helping a woman maintain control of her own uterus it can lose funding.

Birth control is evil?  The ignorance about that is beyond my ability to explain.   There are many more reasons to be prescribed BC pills, or an IUD besides a woman wanting to have sex and not get pregnant.

Not that there is anything wrong with sex, or pregnancy. Unless you are a GOP lawmaker in which case it is the most important part of the campaign and something that should be silenced.

Violence Against Women act….not in our current climate.

Equal Pay Act….communists.

Women?  Do we care about having a home to raise our families in?  We do?  Funny, because the GOP is highly resistant to providing assistance to families facing foreclosure.

Women?  Do we care about our children being able to eat?  We do?  Funny, because the GOP says programs like Food Stamps is an entitlement that we can not afford.  School breakfast and lunch programs should be cut drastically. Michelle Obama encourages us to help our children make better food choices and she is an elitist telling us what to do?

Women do we care about our children being able to have a quality education?  From PreSchool to Graduate school?  We do?  Then why does the GOP keep slashing early education, and why are they calling Pell Grants welfare?

You bet there is a war on women. The question is are the women willing to take arms and fight back?

to be continued….


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