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Ernest Gräfenberg is one of those historical people that I want to drop kick in the throat.

If you know not who Ernest is, he is the man that said the G-Spot exists and that is why we call it the G-Spot.  I happen to call it bullshit…yet….Dr Adam Ostrzenski, of the Institute of Gynecology in St Petersburg, Florida has located it.  #pause

Since doctor German name with the G in the 1950’s “scientists” have been attempting to “prove” that the G-Spot exists.  The sex toy industry is making billions upon billions of dollars to sell women (and I suppose men) G-Spot vibrators.  Cosmopolitan magazine has been regurgitating the same type of article for years about sticking a finger in the coochie and make the come here motion to locate it.

It’s nothing but a G-Spot thing baby.  Yet

Ole Doc Adam found the G-Spot by dissecting the anatomy of the corpse of an 83-year-old woman.



What’s wrong with this picture people?  Why are we not questioning this?

Okay there is SOME logic that you might not expect a live, breathing woman to say: cut on the inside of my vagina, take out my G-Spot and prove to the world it exists.   If she actually believes in the G-Spot, she’s going to want to keep it.


Is there not a better candidate to examine than the dead body of an 83-year-old woman?  I know that seniors are having more sex.  I know that seniors are getting it in.  I have a hard time though picturing a woman older than my 76-year-old mother pressing on her G-Spot & squirting.  Is it possible? I suppose, I don’t tend to ask 83-year-old women how many times a day they have a G-Spot orgasm.  I also don’t happen to know any 83-year-old women so there’s that.

Ole Doc Adam says he simply went inside the whoha and dissected layer by layer by layer by layer until he found it. EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From 1950 until 2012 it took this dude to find medical proof of the G-Spot.  Okay.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine (yes it is an actual publication) Ole Doc Adam wrote: “”The G-spot was identified as a sac with walls that grossly resembled the fibroconnective tissues, was easy to observe, and was a well-delineated structure,”.

In the multiple articles I read he is essentially saying that women have a penis inside of them that didn’t grow outside of the body, that it is right “behind” the clitoris, it is made up of the same tissue and therefore will have a similar reaction.  Also, because it is stuffed up inside the body and not long and lean like the peen, when you unravel it, well it will kind of look like an accordion.

So allow me to think this out folks..

When the sperm meets the egg, all zygotes are female.  At some point in the gestation period of 40 weeks all of those female zygotes flip a switch to determine if they will stay female or turn male.  Since we are all female to start the clitoris and penis are made of the same tissue because well we all begin the same. The penis grows on the outside of the body in men.  The clitoris doesn’t grow as much outside the body in women.  It does however grow, and since it is not extending LIKE a penis….it is growing somewhere.  If you can not see it then it is logical that inside the body is the winner for $800 Alex Trebec.

Give this man a fucking medal to go along with the $$$$ that he wasted to get to this point.   But Nicole!  I thought you said that the G-Spot was bullshit!

I did.  I can not argue how people develop, it is what it is.  All of this G-Spot stuff though is not about helping a woman find pleasure in the act of sex and the presence of sex like activity.

The discovery of the G-Spot and all of the hoopla about it over time is less about science wanting a woman to enjoy sex, it is much more about letting the man off the hook.  If  70% of women can not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, then finding the magic spot within the vagina will allow a man to push the button, trigger the orgasm and not feel guilty about the 4 minute pump and dump.

If the woman does not have one he can then label her defective and not feel guilty about the 4 minute pump & dump.

I am not inclined to let men off the hook, but I’ve been demanding and receiving multiple orgasms since my early 20’s … what the fuck do I know?


I know that one Mr. Brian McKnight multi platinum recording artist and physical assaulter of women wants to show me how my pussy works, if I am ready to learn.

Sir no Sir….Just no…..


A video popped up on the internets this week of Brian McKnight, in his little brother’s striped shirt, acid washed grey jeans skorts, an S-Curl gumby fade circa 1983 explaining to me that he was writing a song for an adult mix tape.  Brian then plays the first verse to the chorus, and lip syncs the whole thing.

You know that he is quite serious because @ 2:04 as he discusses his undergrad in sociology he does the “I am quite serious arm movement with matching eye brow movement while biting his lip and closing his eyes” thing.

I’m not sure why Brian thinks he can show me anything except how to take a blow to the kidneys, and how to duck & cover but….okay.

The song is slut shaming at its worst.  The song is bitch you are a whore and a stupid whore because you’ve had sex and not gotten off now bring your silly ass over here so that I can turn your ass out and then put you on the block.  Okay well maybe he DIDN’T indicate that he would put her on the block that’s just where my head went as I listened to lyrical misogyny.

Girl go sit the fuck down, and play with your own damned pussy Brielle McKnight.

It’s one thing to encourage a woman to know her body and be more open sexually.  That one thing would  not be this song though.

Now in his defense, that was just one verse.  Apparently him saying pussy has made him relevant so he is rushing the song to iTunes, to cash in on not having been on the radar in R&B since he robbed Meshell Ndegeocello and Martin Lawrence went off the air.

In that second verse he might actually come correct.   Maybe.

Maybe not.

I just know who is NOT having the best week ever … and that would be pussy.

I will leave you with the video version of the pussy song.  Good luck & godspeed

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