Tossing Bricks

Samantha Brick, I get it.

I think you actually MORE than proved your point actually as thousands and thousands of women line up to tell you how pretty you are NOT while ignoring the message.

I stopped paging through the responses to her blog on the, frankly I was more afraid of getting carpal tunnel than I wanted to read all of the venom tossed at this woman. If you wish to read the actual article, the link is here, but I want to talk a little about something that I’ve said over and over again….women are not kind to one another.

Samantha says:  If you’re a woman reading this, I’d hazard that you’ve already formed your own opinion about me — and it won’t be very flattering

I wish that she were wrong, yet she is not…not precisely.  The comments on her post, the backlash on Twitter are full of  venom, reminding her that she is not beautiful, that she is not attractive.  Telling her that she is arrogant, and that she ought to be ashamed of herself for this behavior.

Which behavior exactly would that be?  Writing a column, that she knew would get a certain reaction, and grabbing her 14 minutes of prime time?  Frankly I am just a tad bit salty that I did not think of this first and that I don’t have a larger reader base.  I could certainly use a viral hit to Vizionz like the one Anthony Weiner gave me.  I’ve considered a similar blog once or twice myself….I’m just kind of glad that I am not the only woman who sees this….and speaks out on it.

Women treat other women terribly.  Yes we may have good friends, yes we may be very good to our close friends, but on the whole?  Women treat other women like shit.

Samantha writes about how difficult her life is because she is attractive, women respond en mass to tell her essentially she ain’t shit.  Oh?

Her logic is not flawed.  Every where that we as a society look we see women that resemble her as the standard for beauty:  tall, thin, blonde.   She is what Elle and Cosmopolitan and Vogue tell us that we should want to look like.  She is what our daughters are gathering eating disorders like M&M’s to obtain.  She has some type of education, she seems to understand how to form a sentence, and she smiles.  So is she WRONG that television and movies and magazines tell women that this is what they should look like?  Or is she right that she fits into the mold and that women hate her for it?


Samantha Brick on her wedding day


I am supposed to look at this woman and call her arrogant?  When that snapshot up there is on virtually every page of every bridal magazine that women will pick up this week?  How do I do that?


How do I even TRY to say that her logic is flawed when the highest rated responses to this article are angry, and full of insults?   How do I debunk her logic when the lowest rated responses are the ones that agree with the premise of the article, if not her assertion that she is an attractive woman?

I am not an ugly woman, in fact I am the kind of woman who when you look at me physically, you should have little to no fear.

this picture was taken in the past 12 months

Saggy arms – almost no waist – belly for days and days – cellulite covered up by that sweater dress


Women tend to not like me.

I now that part of it would be that I can be a bitch.


If you’ve never met me, or heard me speak, or saw me in action …. you simply saw me on THAT night in THAT outfit… would hate on me like most of the women that saw me that night did.

Not my friends….they are fully used to who and what I am.

Not the gentleman who left his brothers that night to come out and see me. If you asked him RIGHT NOW, he would tell you that he recalls that night. I would bet a mortgage payment that he recalls it fondly and we only spent about 1/2 hour with each other.

But the women along the way that has zero investment in me as a person except to turn their nose up at me.

I should pose zero threat….yet women treat me as if I am part of the axis of evil.

As my ass begins to curve, the venom increases.

I have women that stalk me for no reason on Twitter and Fetlife.

I have women that no longer want me in their ‘circle’ even though their version of what we both do is far more popular than mine.

I am smart, not brilliant.

Driven, but not obsessed.

Capable, but not quite exceptional.

So why are women so damned cruel?

Is it a genetic marker in the estrogen we carry so much of?

Is it a learned behavior?

If it is learned, can we unlearn it?

Can  we unlearn it a little bit faster than we seem to be doing (or not doing) right now?

If a 40-year-old fat Black woman with a potty mouth and a man she is 10000000% committed to is the enemy….

Then how can this woman who epitomizes all that society says we as women should want to be: White Blonde Tall Thin

How can this woman NOT BE Public Enemy Number One?

If she can tell a joke, pour a scotch, and understand that soccer has a guard and a center….well she should wear a bullet proof vest at all times.

But what the fuck do I know about things anyway?




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