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I’ve been sitting on this blog for a minute, but a conversation this morning had me pull this out of the Q, and edit for date relevancy.

The Kardashian Sisters:

From l to r Khloe, Kourtney, Kim

In a semi related note, the order in this picture also ranks the girls from left to right in order of attractiveness.  Now attraction is certainly subjective, but I am going to make my argument for the order anyway….feel free to comment and disagree if you like.

It may have been Kim’s celebrity that put the other sisters on, but they are all a part of us now, so they need to all be evaluated.

I got into a discussion this morning on Twitter about the damage that Kim is doing to our daughters, and this is going to share a little of the why I think such.

In February of 2011 Khloe spoke to LOVE magazine:  “I’m the ugly sister. I’m the fat one. I’m the transvestite. I have had those mean things said about me at least twice a day for the last five years.”

Yet, she’s the one who is married and she is the one who appears to be happy in her relationship.  Interesting.

Khloe is not the traditional beauty that her sister Kourtney is, then again I don’t find any of the Kardashian girls traditionally beautiful.  I can respect that they are viewed in that manner, but for my tastes none of them are a 10.   Khloe comes the closest though.

First she is shaped like a real woman and not how Hollywood tells us that a woman should be shaped.  She hasn’t starved herself to be a size zero, and she has hips boobs and ass.  She went to college and got her paper.  When she decided to commit to her relationship to Lamar Odom, she was down for him 100%, and still is (at least that is the version that we see).  Khloe is the kind of girl that jumps the list not just because she is physically attractive (and she is) but because she brings something to the table besides a bankable name and a sex tape.  Her sisters come to HER for relationship advice…that right there should make her number one, that she can manage a successful relationship.

Yet the internet, blogs, and even some media talk about her as if she is the ugly sister.  If you saw this woman:

without knowing who her sister is would you find her attractive?  I would bank on that being a yes.

Kourtney the middle sister is also an attractive woman:

She’s too thin for my tastes, but being thin doesn’t make you unattractive.   Kourtney is the most traditional in her looks to what society has told us should be beautiful.  She’s still got the Kardashian ass, and boobs to match only on a smaller frame.

Honestly from what I’ve seen?  I would not enjoy spending time with Kourtney, but this is not about who I would have lunch with, this is about rating the Kardashians.

I feel obligated to put Kourtney ahead of her sister Kim simply because Kourtney hasn’t gone to the extent that Kim has to look a part.  It could be that Kourtney has been in the spotlight for less time, but regardless of the why, Kourtney hasn’t altered herself as much as big sister Kim.

A woman’s natural beauty is always more attractive than the surgically enhanced result of a woman who thinks her natural self is not beautiful.  No matter that I don’t find Kourtney specifically attractive, it is her unaltered state – well almost unaltered – that I find sexy as hell.

I will admit that it is bias on my part.  I want every woman out there to love herself, love how she looks, and embrace authenticity.  Yet, there is sexy to be found in the natural, and Kourtney is certainly more natural than:

Kim is the famous sister.  The sister who is the standard.  Kim is actually a reflection of what is so wrong with our society.

She’s transformed her self from a beautiful girl to a bad impersonation of a Barbie doll.

It is not just the boob job, and the nose job.  As opposed as I am to plastic surgery those are almost a requirement for Hollywood.  What bothers me the most is the botox.  I understand the theory is to prevent wrinkles before they begin, but there is no reason on earth that at 30 she should look like Susan Lucci does at 65:

My Twitter conversation tried to convince me that Kim was simply conforming to the pressure of being in Hollywood.  I still maintain that she is an example of what is wrong with society that women feel the need to alter and butcher themselves to be attractive and men can look like this and be hot:

Okay well maybe not hot….but you don’t see any liposuction in his future do you?  Or ass implant?  Or botox?

This man does not give two sincere fucks, nor insincere fucks about looking a certain way.

Yet Kim Kardashian is our role model.

We have to do better.

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