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I haven’t done this for quite some time….responded to some of the questions that I get.  I figure that it could be why I am getting fewer questions….that and well what is there to question when I rant about how Tyler Perry and Shaunie O’Neal are ruining Black women?

Question:  What happened to your football predictions?

Andy motherucking Reid.  I love the sport of football, but I love my Philadelphia Eagles more than the sport.  My love of the game, my ability to talk about the game, my ability to be rational about the game rest in the win/loss column of the Eagles.  If you look…..the record this year is not pretty.  I’ve been watching Andy Reid destroy careers in seasons of mediocrity for so long now, that he had developed within me the ability to shut down.

What people who are not lifelong Philly fans have a hard time understanding is just how dysfunctional a relationship this is, fans and the team.  What the worst part of it is:  Andy Reid once brought hope to this city.  It took me a while to warm up to Andy, then he took us to the NFC Championship game in consecutive years.  We eventually got to the Super Bowl, something we had not done since I was about 8.  Watching reid get out coached killed my hope, and I’ve wanted him fired ever since.  Last year Michael Vick restored that hope and this season reminded me that no matter who we bring in as free agents….Andy motherfucking Reid is still our coach.  Fuck it all.  I will get excited about football again…I will…but unless there is a Christmas miracle in the cards for the Iggles, I have no reason to get excited this year.  No excitement = no blogs.

In conclusion:

Question:  What would be your advice to someone interested in acquiring slave training?

This is a tougher one for me.  I don’t believe that you can train to be a slave by anyone other than your Master.  I also don’t believe (well not exactly) in the description: submissive.

There are many in this alternative lifestyle that resist the term slave.  There are multiple reasons for their resistance, but no matter how you try to put a spin on the topic, we are still engaging in a power exchange, and the transfer of authority.

Even though a slave exhibits submission when they are obedient to their Master, submissive is still a personality description, not a lifestyle role.  The role is slave, the behavior is submissive.

If someone asked me what my advice is to those interested in slave training, I say there is no such thing (in general).

Educational opportunities exist, locations to learn from other kinksters.  Social opportunities exist, but slave training is specific to your Master.

You can learn all of the terminology, and what to call all the fancy toys.  You can learn the flagging system, and attend all of the conferences that are held within a year.

All of that knowledge and education is irrelevant when you agree to serve one person (or multiple persons).   Your Master will train you to their preferences, and that is what is important, not learning a generic formal dinner protocol.

Your training comes from the one you serve.

Does that mean that you don’t take the opportunity to learn about this lifestyle and yourself?  Absolutely not!  You should however spend more time learning about yourself, to attract to you the person(s) that you are meant to serve.

Question: Why are you so anti monogamy?

I am not.  I do not think that humans are naturally monogamous, and that is supported by HOW humans reproduce, but that doesn’t make me anti monogamy.

I sometimes question the reason why men and women say they can not share their partners in a sexual manner, but that also does not make me anti monogamy.

My distaste for the new Western tradition that commitment is proven through marriage and monogamy is what you read when I go off on a rant.

Just this past week the internet was all a buzz about the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant divorce.  There are reports that in their decade long marriage Kobe stepped out over 100 times.  My response to that is: so?

There are many men out there who are not NBA players that could tell you they slept with 100 women in a decade.  The number is not all that staggering.

My issue is what is it about this society that doesn’t allow two consenting adults to be willing to talk about a physical encounter elsewhere, when the commitment is already present.

Kobe didn’t leave his wife for any of the other 100 women.  Vanessa was the one he committed to and put babies into.  The pain and the harm comes from this outdated and close minded school of thought that once you get married you are only supposed to have sex with your spouse.

That works for some,  but the number of divorces tells a different tale.

Lust and opportunity are powerful when combined.  I think that couples should sit down and have a talk about working out the lust yet remaining committed to one another.  Free your minds.  Kobe giving some groupie a facial doesn’t make Vanessa any less Mrs. Bryant.  The same hold true for Mr. & Mrs. Smith your next door neighbors.  Your partner can love you, and still get a hard dick when a different woman walks by, stop being so possessive and insecure.

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