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Meet – An – Inmate – Dot – Com

I am often disturbed at the lengths that women will go to when they decide their biological clock is ticking, or that they can simply no longer be single. It disturbs me to the point of pain usually.  There is … Continue reading

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I Have Questions!

I haven’t done this for quite some time….responded to some of the questions that I get.  I figure that it could be why I am getting fewer questions….that and well what is there to question when I rant about how … Continue reading

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Misplaced Emotions

I think that is the problem with me today. I may be wrong but I suspect that I am not. I am 100% positive that there is some PMS tossed into this as well, but still some of this is … Continue reading

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Domestic & Disturbance

I was not sure that I wanted to write about these two issues, but since they won’t go away in my head…well that means that I should write about them. ************************ At the beginning of the month, Vanessa Bryant filed … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…..

When I think that life just can’t get any better …. Bonnie and Clyde remind me that life is good. Clyde has Autism and as a result is non verbal.  Bonnie is essentially non verbal after her stroke in 2007.  … Continue reading

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