72 Things That Kim Kardashian Could Have Done Besides Get Divorced

In a United States that insists on upholding the concept that marriage is between one man and one woman, you kind of have to wonder what is so sacred about this thing that the kids are doing today.

I have people who love me that think that I am anti marriage.  I am not, but I am not pro reality TV paid for and inspired, we could tell by the way he looked at her that it would not last shams.

Can I say to an absolute degree of certainty that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t love one another?  Sure can’t!  I can say though that my not as jaded as I used to be spidey sense thought that something was wrong in Mudville every time I saw them.  It just never seemed genuine…and if it was it never translated on camera.  The 72 day expiration notice kind of validates my theory though doesn’t it?

In 72 days so much happens in the world, but how does a marriage disintegrate in 72 days?  E! Television hadn’t yet stopped the reruns of the Kardashian extravaganza, when Halloween arrives and the marriage is no more.  Hell summer was just over days ago and they were married in August.

I wonder who gets custody of the Bentley after a 72 day marriage

It is this type of situation that stops me from screaming from the rafters the beauty of marriage, rather I speak about the beauty of love.

The two are not synonymous.

It is this type of thing that angers me when I talk about marriage.  I have been known to describe it as a contract (it is), and my questions about WHY marriage is held in such a sacred status simply multiply when I look at things like this.

Allow me to be clear, I have thigh high stockings older than the Humphries…..yet:

The fact that they are married makes him legally her next of kin
The fact that they are married makes him her legal heir
The fact that they are married gives him legal rights in all 50 states and US territories

It does not matter that Kim has filed to end the marriage, until it is dissolved, he has the rights and privileges given to a couple that has been married 50 years and weathered the storms that comes from 50 years of commitment.


Homosexual couples that have loved one another for decades have to go through all extra hoops to establish some protections for their partner, and then nothing is guaranteed because nothing is as “sacred” as marriage.

Heterosexual couples who don’t choose to get the wedding license must also go through all the extra to protect the partner they’ve shared their lives with.

And Brittney Spears can get married for 55 hours, and Kim Kardaashian can redefine till death us do part to 73 days max.

I do not have a bias against a couple that loves one another and choose to express that love through marriage.

My annoyance at the concept of marriage (again I am not ANTI MARRIAGE), is that society has determined that marriage is the ultimate proof of commitment, and if you are not married then you are less than.

There are so many couples that are committed but not married, that when I have to watch Kim Kardashian further damage our daughters, by pimping out her wedding day and then saying eh fuck it 72 days later, how do I not get angry about this standard of marriage that society keeps holding up as the ideal when I have to watch the Brittney Spears and the Kim Kardashians of the world use it as an accessory?

Unless Kim is going to come out and say that she caught Kris butt fucking her poodle while singing Amazing Grace in a coconut bra and a hula skirt, there should truly be nothing that can happen within 72 days that makes you throw in the towel.  UNLESS

You didn’t do your due diligence to begin with


You should not have gotten married to start.

There are rumors that the irreconcilable difference is that Kris wants to live in his native Minnesota and Kim wants no part of that.

If that is the reason?  Don’t let that be the reason!

How do you get a multi million dollar wedding essentially DONATED to  you, and forget to ask..sweetie where are we sleeping when this is all over?

This is what angers me, and this is why until everyone has the right to a civil union (not a MARRIAGE) and the choice to not marry is not treated as a second tier decision by the foolish and less than worthy of our attention, I will remain angry.

If that makes me ANTI MARRIAGE?  Fuck it.  I will remain “anti marriage” as long as a 72 day union is what society tells me I should hope and pray for as a woman, and something is wrong with me if I do not.

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