Dear Mr. President

Hi there.

I ran across a story on the internet and it made me think that if you read the words of your citizens perhaps I can write to you and it could make a difference.  November 2012 seems like a long way off, but it is not…not at all.  Since the world didn’t end tonight at six like Harold Camping predicted, I figured why not give this a shot?

Your citizens need you to be the person they thought you were when you were elected, not the person that you want the history books to portray you as, there is a difference.  The story goes history is written by the victor…there is not a lot of winning going on right now.  It’s not that I don’t think you have good intentions, I never thought less than that.  I am sure your intentions are good, but we need a little less conversation and a little more action right now.

The Occupy Wall Street stuff, the Tea Party stuff, this is the direct result of a populace in pain and self medicating.  The two movements may SEEM disconnected but they are not.  The politics of the two movements may appear to be disconnected, but they are not.

One comes from the ‘right wing’ the other comes from the ‘left wing’ but the reality of this is….lots of Americans are in pain right now, and you obi wan kenobi are our only hope.

I get that re-election is important, I would agree.  I actually intend to cast my first vote for you in 2012.  Sorry I had to give Hillary the last one because I was convinced *and sort of still am* that she was a little more seasoned for the fight ahead of the nation.

There is no candidate out there that could get me to vote for them besides you, despite my disappointment in some of what’s happened in the past 3 years.

I understand more than people think that I should, that what you walked into was an immense clusterfuck.  The former Governor of the great state of Texas left us in bad shape to use an understatement. I get told all the time from people that love me that I should give you a chance…I have.  While I don’t hate the job you’ve done, I ask aloud could you have done more, better, sooner, bigger.  A little Monday morning (or Friday night) quarterbacking is in play here, but I still stand by the idea that a little more assertiveness and a little less intelligent diplomacy was in order.

It’s not too late to call the goons though Mr. President.  It is not too late.

The inability of Mitt Romney to move in the polls, and the current love affair with Herman Cain tells you that the party that is very good at closing ranks and towing the party line is fractioned.  There are enough of the displaced Tea Party angry Americans to not make this a race at all.  The mentality of the Tea Party, that welcomes a Michele Bachman is the mentality that will have them sitting at home next November complaining about 4 more years with the Muslim.  The Tea Party is to the Republican Party what arsenic is to the human heart.  It is capable of killing you in massive amounts, but there is a cure for it as well if you are willing to take it.

Your issue is Americans like myself – well sort of.

It’s not a secret that I’ve been critical of your decision to run, of your juggernaut campaign, and your term thus far.  Quite honestly sir, you’ve not given me a reason to vote for you except that you are not Michele Bachman.   For a person like myself that is not a big deal, I go to the polls regardless, and if I know the race is going to be close, I do what needs to be done for the best available candidate.  I don’t always like it, but I don’t always like veggies either. For people who may be similar to me – they are either disappointed in your performance because they bought into hope and change or they are disappointed because they’ve watched you concede issue after issue to the unreasonable – people who are similar to me Mr. President, may not walk to the polls.

I vote, and have always voted because it is important to me.  Others voted, when they have not always voted for YOU because you were important to them.  Unless you step up and act out a little bit sir, you will lose some of them.  Will it be enough to prevent your re-election?  That is up in the air but I would rather not take the chance Mr. President.  The alternative is too scary for me.

The phrase is being tossed about that I am the 99% .  Please allow me to share just for a moment the mindset of this part of the 99%.

I am a 39 year old Black woman.  I have a lengthy work history in public service and social work. I have work experience in public safety including ‘homeland security’ (I’ve really grown to hate that term these days).  I have some college under my belt but I’ve not yet secured my degree.

I am a single mother.  My soon to be 11 year old son is on the Autism Spectrum.  He is non verbal and needs 40+ hours of therapy in a week to keep him at the level of three year old.

I care for my 75 year old mother, who suffered a massive stroke in 2007.  She is totally dependent on my care and the assistance in care we get from the state of Pennsylvania.

We live on a fixed income that is far less than we need to get along because my working outside of the home is not possible.  It is not possible right now not just because of the health needs of my family, but my earning potential, and the costs associated with that earning potential.  I also fall into the unique category that virtually any employment I obtain, puts the health care of my child at risk.  We get by, sometimes, but we are hurting.

Through no fault of her own my mother’s home, where we all live as best we can, is under assault.  Assault from the mortgage company, assault from the elements, assault from the environment.    The things that we need the MOST to live are the things you keep negotiating away.

Medicare and Medicaid should not be open to negotiations Mr. President.  My mother takes 12 different medications, altering her Medicare means that we will have to choose to eat or medicate my mother.  My son’s therapy is paid through Medicaid.  I’ve had private insurance since his Autism diagnosis, and private insurance will not pay for the therapy he needs in the amount that he needs.  If I take a job outside of the house, his SSI is in jeopardy, since the payments to him for his disability (no fault of his) are contingent on my income.  Without the financial assistance of SSI, we would have to apply for Medicaid and perhaps maybe get approved for it…maybe if the state determines we qualify.

Social Security should not be up for negotiations Mr. President.  It is a retirement safety net, that although people talk about how much ‘trouble’ it is in….is a self correcting problem.  Why cause pain to our retired Americans our elderly Americans when the system is not broken.  The system is not even strained right now Mr. President.

We needed universal health care.  We didn’t get it.  Sure I understand that you can’t just make it an executive order, but seriously Mr. President….you walked into office with a majority of both houses of Congress.  You should have more to show for your first two years than your Nobel prize.

I’ve watched with chagrin as you’ve attempted to get things done since the midterms election.   I understand that it’s gotten tougher.  I understand you are dealing with the irrational seeking to regain power.  I GET IT.

But I still need you to step up Mr. President.  Now, not 9 months from now.  Gestation is not necessary right now…action is.

A little more balls and a little less give them time to do the right thing.

This Congress, and the people who voted this Congress into office are not going to play fair, they are not going to accept that you are smarter than they are, they are not going to accept that you are the obstacle to them returning to power.

It is time to put on the Tims, roll up your sleeves and channel your inner angry Black man.  Ridding the world of Bin Laden is nice….but Bin Laden was not our biggest problem.

The ability to obtain or renegotiate a mortgage – the ability gain employment that pays a living wage is what is hot on the streets of America…let’s get it.

I can understand sir not wanting to stoop to their level…what I am asking is that you get things done.  We’ve taken the higher road for three years now only to find that its made things even more tenuous.  Instead of the high road, please let’s take the road that gets things done.

I know that you can…yes you can.  I ask though if you will.  I beg you to, us 99% folk are hanging on with ragged fingernails.

I never bought into hope and change, because I assumed that balls and tenacity was what was needed.  I never allowed myself to think that you contained both.  I am willing to watch, and see, and well hope…but your assistance is needed as well Mr. President.


An American Voter

PS – Thank you for the Iraq thing….it was long overdue.


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