leave the gun…take the cannoli

If we have met, you understand that I am a fan of the Godfather book, and the first two Godfather movies.  Just about every lesson that you need to know in life you can pick up in the book or the movies, and well there is nothing more attractive///scary than Michael Corleone turning into the Godfather….seriously.

Pacino has turned in some very good performances, and some quite awful performances.  Anthony Michael Corleone is one of the best..BEST!

The title of this takes a line from this movie..one that is relevant to my train of thought…no really it is.

Yesterday my Philadelphia Eagles picked up their second win of the season.  In a season where you only play 16 you take what you can get, and that is what we got yesterday.  I am good with it.  It is a loss for Washington a division rival, Rex Grossman got benched ( I have issues with Grossman ), hey it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

There are no awards for style points, no matter how many super models Tom Brady marries.

The win is the win is the win.  This win proves little though, and it should not deter the #FireAndyReid campaign.

I need my fellow Philadelphians to not be pacified by one win.  One win against Washington.  One win after a series of losses that we did not have to take.

We still have a problem Houston and the name is Andy Reid.

Nothing has changed …. except the number of games played.

The issues that plague the Philadelphia Eagles still rest at the ample tummy of Andy Reid, and going into this bye week, I say #neverforget


Danny Watkins
Freddie Mitchell
Shaun Andrews


Terrell Owens
The SuperBowl Loss
5 NFC Championship games – ONLY one win


Takeo Spikes
What we have /// had instead of Takeo Spikes at linebacker


Time Management
Time OUT Management
Challenge Flags


The demolition of the “Dream Team”

This team is a team that should only have one loss going into the bye week.  Instead we almost went into the bye week with only one win.  The performance of this season is the fault of the coach.  I repeat it is the fault of the coach.

For 13 years, this has been Andy Reid’s playground. He’s been the head coach, he’s evaluated personnel, he’s chosen his coaching staff, and he is the reason why the road to the SuperBowl may have to wait yet another year.

If you are an Eagles fan…sadly you are USED to waiting another year…but this year (like others before) we don’t HAVE to…except the coach is a bit of an idiot.

He may be the NFL coach with the most seniority, and he may be the coach of Philadelphia with the most wins, but that does not mean that his time is not up here in Philly.  It does not mean that his time should NOT be up in Philly.

The man is not capable of making in game adjustments, and this man is not capable of winning a Superbowl.

The win is nice….but the goal is all but out of reach.  That is the fault of the coach period.

Juan Castillo is a disaster at Defensive Coordinator.  The “Wide 9” is a terrible system when you have suck ass linebackers and safeties.

Marty Morhenwhig is a disaster at Offensive Coordinator.  Detroit is only just NOW recovering from his disaster @ head coach ( ALL HAIL MEGATRON! )

This team is still undisciplined, and it is still not ready for primetime.  Washington got exposed…well it was only a matter of time with Rex Grossman @ QB.  Washington is not as good as their record.

Philadelphia is not as bad as its record…but it is as bad as its coach.

What happened yesterday afternoon is something that has happened for years in Philadelphia.  A collection of talent, not buying what the coaches are selling and rising above the questionable logic of the men with the laminated play sheets.

This team won….over a god awful Washington team, because the collective talent is better, and they are sick and fucking tired of losing.  It’s like the scene from Any Given Sunday (another Pacino vehicle) where the coach is talking to the defense and says make something happen.

The defense did, and I refuse to give credit to Juan and his tamales.

For Philadelphia to have the opportunity NEXT YEAR…yes I said next year…if you think we are headed to Indy this year as anything BUT spectators…well I also have a bridge that I can get cheap for you in Brooklyn.

NEXT YEAR if we are going to have a chance at ALL of getting to the big dance … we must do it with a new head coach.  I would prefer to see the Lombardi here in Philadelphia before I leave this planet.  I am not yet 40 so I have some years ahead of me.

Or I could if the Eagles would stop shaving days off my life expectancy and #FireAndyReid already.

Keep the team and leave the man with the magic underwear.

Bring home the Lombardi, and cast aside the man who will never get us there.

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