I like gumbo better than stew.  It is still many things tossed into a pot that may or may not go together, and may or many not taste good at the conclusion, but gumbo sounds much more exotic.  I like exotic.

I think I will have to retire my foray into sports writing.  I am too much of a stan for the Eagles to have any objectivity, and now that we’ve  begun 1-4 I think it would be difficult for me to type anything but

Fire Andy Reid

over and over and over and over.

I will always love my Birds, trust dat.  Today though, I need Andy Reid to not walk past me on the street.


I don’t get out to the movies much.  I feel guilty when I try to go to the movies alone without Bonnie & Clyde.  I feel as if I should not be out enjoying myself without them.  Taking them to the movies though should be a movie all itself.  Comedy at its finest I tell ya.

I don’t go to the movies much, but I will make time in a week to catch a movie.  Not big on television shows really, but I will carve out 90 minutes to watch a flick.

This week as I protested and delayed doing my homework, I watched:  The Descent – Fast & Furious 5 – and Scream 4.  Waiting next in my Netflix DVD queue?  The Descent Part 2.

My obsession with Vin Diesel is epic, and if I were given a hall pass I would ask for it to be used on Vin.  Fast Five is the first Vin movie that I have not seen on the big screen.  I thought I could get Bonnie & Clyde to the theater, but that did not work.

I was surprised (happily so) that I like Fast 5.   I have not liked all of his films, but lawd he is easy on the eyes, and THAT VOICE! *wall slide*

So the universe rewarded me for being a good girl, and staying home with the terrible twosome by putting

Vin Diesel
The Rock

all in the same movie.  The universe rewarded me even MORE by making Vin fat.  He’s not beer gut and wife beater fat, but he is not nearly as chiseled as he used to be, and praise mandisa for THAT.

This body has morphed into ……….
This one…..

Both are acceptable, but honestly door number two is preferred.  There is something even sexier about a not 100% perfect Vin.

This week I also realized that I like horror movies, but I think that the participants are stupid.

The Descent.   The unrated director’s cut has a VERY cool ending.  The actual movie is just stupid though.  I find it stupid because I would not be walking the fuck around in a cave in the middle of no where with 5 other bitches….nope.  The crawlers will never get me.

Scream 4.  Like the first Scream, the Wes Craven machine managed to make a somewhat intelligent spoof of the genre while participating in the genre and blurring the lines of reality and ALMOST knocking on the 4th dimension.
I did not hate it.  Again, though….not me.

I am chilling in the doctor’s office and Sidney Prescott walks in?   I am gonna murk her on the spot.  Everyone around this chick dies, da fuck I look like waiting for my turn?  It’s why I don’t write horror fiction, the story would be three chapters long:

Chapter One

Nicole sees some stupid shit going down

Chapter Two

Nicole gets ghost

Chapter Three

The End


This year, in just a few days actually, I will be 39.  It is the last year that I will have a 3 in the front of my age.  I can recall when I thought that 38 was ancient….I do not quite think that way any longer.

I still blame my age for the disconnect I have with a younger generation.  Which takes me back to Basketball Wives: LA

I told you how excited I was to see some older women on the show that I thought would be good role models and have some sense…..


The show has centered around walking herpes, who we are supposed to believe met Gloria in ‘acting class’.  OMG!!!! Draya didn’t go to Jackie’s wedding!

Okay.  Who the fuck is Jackie?  Sure maybe she should have called and said I will not be there, but it is not a national tragedy that Draya missed the 16th I Do of Doug & Jackie.

I think it is a wonderful thing that the two of them have been married for 16 years, and if they are happy I applaud them and do a Harlem Shake, but so what she didn’t come to the wedding?  Ya’ll still got married.  One less person to eat the rubber chicken doesn’t matter.

What I find the most interesting is the controversy surrounding walking herpes, and did she or did she not leave her child unattended.

The original story is here: Police Find Boy, 7, Home Alone

Now on the SHOW, Draya is in tears and feeling bullied by the Basketball Mob….er ummm wives….er ummm baby mommas and ex jump offs.

On the real?  I’ve been falsely accused of crimes in the past.  It is not cute.  It is especially not cute when your child is involved.  For my money though?  I’ve never pled guilty.  Draya did.  Draya entered into the ARD program.  The ARD program in Pennsylvania stands for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.

The program is offered to first offenders, for certain types of charges, and if the offender follows all of the guidelines of the program, including probation, restitution etc, they have the opportunity to have their record expunged as if the arrest never occurred.

A search of the Unified Judicial System Portal will confirm this plus a variety of traffic citations Ms Howard seems to have accumulated over the years.

Did she leave her child unattended?  All I know is she says she did by accepting a guilty plea.  Somethings are NOT simpler if you just make them go away, this is one of those cases.  My ability to film a reality television program is not more important than preserving my reputation as a good mother and keeping my name out of the criminal justice system…but hey that is just me.

I’ve read that she implies that the reporter was making up a story about her because she was dating Chris Brown at the time. In my not so humble opinion neither Chris Brown nor Draya are important enough to make this shit up.  The court records prove me correct.

In a NEW low for VH1 and its quest to make Black women look bad, they have pushed to the forefront of this show a woman who abandons her child.  Really Vh1?  REALLY?

I suppose I can not be too angry at them though, you keep watching, it is getting ratings, so this coonery and buffoonery must be appealing to you.

Maybe THAT is where the disconnect is, and not age.


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